Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunday School Work Day

We had a Sunday school team work day a few weeks back. When my family took a trip to the US a couple months ago, they brought back a much begged for projector. This thing has turned me into an artist extraordinaire! Since I can barely draw stick men, it has been a serious life saver. The theme for Sunday school this quarter is Alaska so I found some trees and a cabin to outline. They turned out looking pretty awesome.

The ladies formed a candy-bag-makin' assembly line 

Hno. Paco and Israel painted the ticket booth

The ladies also cleaned out and organized the Sunday school storage room

Sis. Rocio made new tickets for the kids

Choyo entertained us with his antics

Balloon volley ball

Dad made a cardboard 3D polar bear
To see how the set-up finally turned out, scroll back a few posts!


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