Friday, March 20, 2015

Minister's Meeting

A few weeks ago Elder Wakefield's church hosted a ministers meeting for the pastors and ministry that work within a reasonable driving distance of Puebla. Abner very bravely volunteered to make the food for lunch. Pork, no less. I would've been terrified to have that responsibility on my shoulders alone, especially with it being pork. Having been pork-poisoned once, the meat scares me to death. One wrong move and you've got worms eating your brains out. 
And no one to blame but Abner! HA. 

But anyways, apparently Abner is "totes profesh" because the pork meat turned out great, as did the beans, tortillas, salsas, and guacamole. I think we all left pretty impressed. 

When we arrived, he was outside with a giant vat of bubbling oil. I volunteered to help so he graciously let me sprinkle the magic sugar potion into the ominous pig fare. 

I'd tell you what the potion is, but I'm not sure if it's a secret. 
Once the meeting started, us kids made ourselves scarce. Nicole and I went upstairs to relax and have a nice chat. This ended in Nicole choking on her tea and spitting it all over the floor - thus the mop.

Pastor Cortez (yes, that's what the people call him here since they can't pronounce "Curtis") teaching. 

Little girl...she missed her paper and drew all over the back of her hands - lol! 

Praying for the ministers

After a couple sessions of teaching, it was time to eat. Abner got to chopping the meat and divvying it up while Nicole and I set it out on the tables. 
Like I said, the food turned out great. But most importantly, we had a move of the Holy Ghost in the minister's sessions and I think everyone left very grateful that they had made the effort to come.
This meeting was so uplifting and the ministers and wives left refocused on their callings to the people of Mexico! 


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