Monday, March 30, 2015

Jerameel's Birthday!

This past Friday was Jerameel's 12th birthday!
After church a small group of us went over to her house to celebrate. Maribel, Anahi, and I left together, walking to the house. The whole way all I could do was complain about how I should have changed shoes!! I could not wait to get to the house and sit down! But what was the first the the kids wanted to do when we got there?? Tag! 
Which of course involves running. Ouch. 
As I'm sure you all know and have experienced, kids can be relentless when they want something! And who can resist a gaggle of cute little kiddos begging to play tag?

It amazes me how the kids here are so satisfied with such simple games and relaxed fun. They can laugh and have fun just tossing a ball back and forth for hours, or run around playing tag.

It started raining so we came inside and ate tamales and cake!
This was the funnest group of kids! Especially the boy to the left. He is such an outgoing, outspoken little guy! --He was also my sidekick during tag.-- He loved running after his friends, so every time I got tagged, he would run over to me, hold his hand out expectantly, we'd slap hands and he would go running off happily chasing the other kids. Worked out great for me!!
Ulysses, Jerameel, Jael, and Jera's dad.
Maribel, Anahi, and Ulysses

Bethany and I with Jerameel and Ana Belen

The girls and I

As we were headed out the door, I stopped to talk to Ulysses. I asked him, "When are you going to visit us in Sunday school??" He replied very intelligently, "At Tabernaculo de Victoria?" This made me think, wow! he already knows where the church is so maybe he'll come!! .... 

I tell him yes and he exclaims dramatically "Ach! Yo soy catolico!" (I'm catholic!!)
HAHA. Man... they train 'em young here! Somehow this little 7 year old is already blindly entrenched in the traditions of his family. Not many kids of this age are so vocal about their religion... Imagine if he would have been raised in an Apostolic church, with this attitude! 
I pray that one day he and his family come to church!


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