Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just a Day in the Life

Bro. Valentin has been teaching in our Bible class every other week. He is doing an awesome job! He has led a pretty interesting life so he always is coming up with great illustrations for the kids. More than a few times he's made me and Nicole's eyes almost pop out of our heads. 
We should start a new series on the blog called "Stories from Valentin" - Ha! 

Prayer time

It can get pretty cold in the church during the day - I have been enjoying my hot tea more than ever! 

At least once a week we play English-Spanish bingo. There's a hundred cards with English words and pictures in the game and the boys have almost all of them memorized. Just from playing this and practicing once a week!!

We are so proud of our boys - they are doing such a good job learning English and in their other studies as well. We will be moving to the new school in a short while so you can look forward to a post on that! The building project is almost done!!!



Kendra Thaler said...

I hope to visit someday! Your family is doing an awesome work!! :)

Amanda Diaz said...

You should share some of Hno. Valentin's stories ;)!!

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