Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunday School Street Kids

This is Luis.
 He's really beginning to take up a special place in my heart. His life story is a sad one, but he has such a sweet personality and always comes into Sunday school with a big smile on his face. 

He lives close to Sis. Rocio and comes to Sunday school with her and her kids.

On his first Sunday ever, the announcement was made that all the new visitors with a star on their name tag could come pick a prize out of the treasure chest! Luis looked down at his name tag, and his face lit up when he saw that he had a silver star next to his name! I'll never forget the look of pure joy, excitement, and also a little uncertainty as he looked at me and pointed to himself as if to say "Me? Can I really?". He went to pick out his toy, and as he happily returned to his seat he caught my eye, once again seeking approval. It's as if he thought he was dreaming and was waiting for someone to pinch him! :)

Many of our Sunday school kids roam the streets either with no parents at all, or parents who just don't care what these little ones do. 
This is part of the group of "street kids" that come to Pasos Grandes. The little girl wearing the pink hat is the "Tia" (Aunt) of all of children in this picture. Paola is a good little aunt, and takes good care of all of her charges.
 This little 4 year old is Josue. He usually shows up with his Tia Paola...

A couple of Sundays ago, as Valentin and I were getting ready for Sunday school, we found this baby sitting on the front step all alone. He was there more than an hour early for class!
He can barely talk, but I was able to get out of him that he walked here alone, but yes, his family knew that he was at church! (A lie.) Stinker haha.
I popped a sucker in his mouth and sat him down to draw. I continued working and waited for someone to come searching for their little son. No one came looking for him... Finally his little Aunt Paola showed up with her group of chillens. But no one was worried for this little guy. From what I gathered no one even noticed his absence. Such a worrisome thought, But I'm glad he made it to church.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend every Sunday with these kiddos and 
 I pray that we are able to have an eternal impact on their lives!


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