Sunday, March 27, 2011

Con Todo Respeto....

It's late. But I accidentally fell asleep earlier when I was preparing my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. (That probably doesn't bode well for my class.....haha ;) So anyways, I can't sleep and it's because I saw something today that is liable to give me nightmares for the next year. 
I was sitting outside Costco eating my hot dog when I looked over at the lady at the next table....
I should have just looked at her forehead or something.....but I looked at her foot. I won't go into detail, but let me say...I got the instant revelation that the pinky toe is God's ugliest creation. 
I mean, what IS that?? 
Who knows? It might be what that hot dog at Costco was made of. Ugh...
I've heard that saying, "God don't make no junk". Whoever made that up was either BLIND or never really looked at their feet. 
Maybe God was rushing when he formed that last little toe. It seems to me, like he could've made it a little straighter and......more normal looking. Or just forgot about it all together. 
Except then we'd only have 8 toes, and we'd only be able to count to 18 instead of 20. 
Maybe He did know what He was doing after all. 

I'm tempted to put more pictures of pinky toes on here, but I guess I'll spare you guys. 
I've made my point. 

Ohhhh...also, let me just say thank you to everyone that has left a comment these past couple of weeks. 
If you've ever left a comment on here, you probaby know I'm terrible at responding, but believe me I do read all of them. They are much appreciated! They give me oil in my lamp and keep me blogging, blogging, blogging.... :D

Now in closing, to back all of this up with scripture, I'll leave you all with one last thought...
"And if thy right [pinky toe] offend thee, [cut it off], and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."

Matthew 5:29

(Bethany's Interpretation)


Couture by Cassia said...

Omywurd, you need sleep Beth!:-p I misss you haha this post made me CRACk UP! And I so agree, pinky toes are Di-gusting...well toes for that matter(no offense to anyone who uh...loves feet:)). God mustve had a huge imagination that we will never comprehend when it comes to him creating "thee foot". Well there is my opinion...:-p oh yah and LOVE YAH too Nicole! Hahaha!!:)))

Darlene said...

HEY! LOVE your creativity in blogging! Also love the oil in my lamp bit. You have SO MUCH talent. I see book written by YOU in the future. Of course you'll need a ghost writer. You have too much going on in your head to pull it all together on your own! Someone need to organize your babbles and publish!!! Today is Uncle Mike's
50th BIRTHDAY!! We are all excited to celebrate with him when he gets back from work. It will be quiet of course, he's not for too much fan fair! Well, we love you and miss you a TON! Hope to see you soon! OXOX Love, Aunt Darlene~

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you for the compliment!!
And Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike!!!!

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