Thursday, April 20, 2017

The After-Party

As I mentioned in the previous post, the skies were working up to a big storm as everyone left Nicole and John's wedding fiesta. All of us in the wedding party decided we wanted to go downtown to finish out an awesome night with more eating and celebrating! Everyone wanted to have the public transportation experience, so we started heading to the corner where the bus passes. My house is on the way to the bus stop and as we got closer, it started raining cats and dogs! Thunder and lightning! We all ducked into my house to wait out the storm.

I'd recently acquired some new little pets - we were in the market buying the supplies for Nicole's wedding dinner when I spotted a lady selling these plants for about fifty cents each. I thought they were SO CUTE and exactly what I'd been looking for to give my house a pop of green freshness. Nicole says the lady told me stuff about the plant, but I was so excited to have found them that I didn't hear anything except "water it every few days". I vaguely remember Nicole saying something about :wheatgrass" as we walked away from this lady's stand and I thought, "Oh wheat in bread...?" I was over the moon. I didn't know this was the beginning of my first gardening experience! Later Stephanie explained that these were a "power house" of vitamins. You can eat them plain, put them in smoothies, make wheatgrass shots (shots - as in a shot of this, a shot of syrup? Not a shot in the arm.) Turns out, wheatgrass is very yummy and fresh-tasting. Kind of like...grass! For the week the girls were here, we enjoying plucking strands out to eat (probably not the best idea because of the whole root thing lol), and giving it haircuts. I love the haircutting part! I feel like it's my kid, at a trip to the barber. But since I'm such a money-savy DIY-type mom, I do it myself. *aw, shucks! blush, blush*

This has fixed the puppy hankering I've had since Nicole moved out. It's just my kind of pet. I can snuggle it, bury my face in its hair, smell it, love on it, feed, detangle, and groom it, fawn over and worry about it. In return, it doesn't yap, leave presents for me to clean up, or have to be potty trained. It just sits there and looks pretty.

Ready-made salad! For extra flavor, I can drizzle some Ranch dressing over it.
 I recently purchased them some fancier homes. They are spoiled rotten! 
I'm hoping that phenomena doesn't occur in this case - where the pet and owners start looking alike...

Back to the main event of this post - 
The storm soon abated and we continued on our journey to the Zocalo of Puebla.

Waiting at the corner for the bus
On the bus...bouncing down the road to our destination
We took plenty of adorable under-the-umbrella pictures

We got serenaded by this man who, come to find out... (on account of Cherie's great memory)...
^^ Renactment of the picture below
...had serenaded Cherie and Stephanie on their first trip to Tacos Los Angeles a few years ago - LOL.

Our first sips of the best Horchata in the world -

It doth meet our standards!

I love Cherie and Stephanie. Wonderfully adventurous, both get a kick out of Mexico's vast array of delicious cuisine!

We were honored that John and Nicole elected to spend the time after their second wedding ceremony with their lowly family and friends. (Unlike after their FIRST wedding...)
The famous fruit platter you must try!
After dinner, the girls and I took an Uber home. Unfortunately, our driver missed his exit and we ended up spending the majority of this eternally long ride wondering if we were about to meet our Creator.
"Are we being kidnapped?"
I'm kidding. I wasn't thaaaaat blood pressure was hitting new heights though at the ridiculousness how long it was taking us to get home. It should've been a fifteen minute ride, but turned into about 45.

This is how far out of the way we went.


*be pleasant* 

And that was the end of our night! I shall continue the story of my sister and our friends' visit next time!


Mary Frances said...

Looks like FUNNNNN!!! I think my favorite posts are ALWAYS about THE FOOD!!!! Yummmmmm!!! I LOVE horchata...Idk how authentic the stuff I drink is tho...buuuut it is from like Fedricos...LOL!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

You'll have to come down and taste the real stuff...hopefully soon - heh heh!


Dorisa Rodriguez said...

Ahhh what fun!!!💃🏽💃🏽 Y'all look wonderful even with the (kidnapping) experience hahaha!! Love you girls!!😘💐

Elias Martinez said...

Congrats to your family! was the uber driver trying to pull a fast one?!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Dorisa - Thanks! Love you too!

Elias - Thank you! And I have no idea, but I reported him as soon as I got home and was refunded! So if that was his plan, it didn't work out.


Priscilla Watts said...

Lol you make me laugh so hard and I wish I could just blog about everything but I'm never been very good at writing so I'll leave it to you and Mary and whoever else is great at it lol.... can't wait until the next update:) God Bless From Dalhart Texas lol


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Priscilla - Aww! Glad I made you laugh, that's nice to know :) thanks for reading! Next update coming on MONDAY!! It's all written and ready to go :)


Mary Frances said...

Yes, SOON, buuuuut NOT too soon!!! ;))) Annnnnnd that fruit salad is DEFINITLEY on my list for when I come, IF ONLY to take an amazing selfie with it!!! AHAHAHA!!!

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