Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Break Adventures, Post-Wedding

Monday morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready for a full day of sight-seeing and tourism! We started the morning out with a trip to Starbucks....

Cherie and Sis. Wakefield
The art and I matched

After grabbing some coffee, we headed over to Mi Viejo Pueblito for a hearty Mexican breakfast. We chose this restaurant because it has a beautiful view from the second story balcony that overlooks the Zocalo (center of the city).

The girls wanted to have "mole" (the brown sauce, and prounounced "mol-ay").
These are enchiladas with Pipian Rojo, Mole, and Pipian Verde.
All three of us ordered this - lol!

The view from the restaurant - to the right is the governor's mansion, to the left is the cathedral.

Me and Cherie
Steph and Nicole

After breakfast we went to capture that "must-have" picture with the Puebla sign.

Nicole and John
Of course we had to go to the cathedral...

These girls are too much! :D

Me and Cherie
We sat in on part of mass...

The guys got into the classic conversation of "Man, these people are so lost..." Very deep. 
Steph captured the moment. LOL.

We then did a bunch of souvenir shopping...

It's officially lychee season!!!! THANK YOU, LORD!

After tons of shopping and sight-seeing, we all headed over to Cholula and the pyramid. Because our group was so large, we had to take 3 vehicles, two of which were taxis. Our Uber broke down half way there and we had to get out and call another one. (Uber was really showing off for Steph and Cherie for their whole stay here!)
Thankfully it broke down in front of a government building with steps in front so we just sat down and a few minutes later the next car came and picked us up!

Somehow, we still made it to Cholula before everyone else. While we waited for them, we got these cute ice creams - Cherie's is apple ice cream in a carved-out apple. Mine is a mamey with mamey ice cream inside. Steph had a mango with mango ice cream. Really cute!!!

Stephanie bought some art...

After everyone arrived, we all climbed the pyramid together.

The cathedral on top of the pyramid

The view from the top of the mountain

Eating grasshoppers was a must...

Even Bro. Collins got in on it...
Considering the grasshopper... in...
No, no, and NO.

Hanging out with friends...and more friends!
After Cholula, we went to supposedly ride the ferris wheel. 

Somehow though, we all ended up at Starbucks in the mall. (Next door to the ferris wheel.)

The massage train
We had dinner at Allegue

Nicole's octupus

Steph's octupus ink pasta - Note to all: Remember this picture as it will come into play in the NEXT post!
The night was coming to a close and part of the group would be leaving in the morning - along with my sister. We all came over to my house so Nicole could grab a few things she hadn't been able to take with her during her first move. As she worked, we caught Andrew zonking out on the couch. Hehe.

Following Nicole around for her last-minute errands in the colonia
We ended up at my parents house where I crashed on my parents' bed. One by one, as to not be so obvious, I texted the girls to come and join me! Nicole was the last to come in, and she immediately dived head-first into the bed, crying her eyes out. 
My coping mechanism when someone gets emotional is to crack jokes. I knew if I gave into my emotions at the same time as Nicole, we would both lose control completely and probably the world would collapse from so much sorrow. 
So instead I busted wisecracks as Cherie and Stephanie looked on with incredulous looks of "how can you be so insensitive??" Nicole soon got control of herself and left the room. It was then MY turn to cry and blubber.
Proof that we both blubbered.
So Nicole is gone for reals now. It was more final this time. She's officially married, and living in the States. But you know what? We are both doing just fine. The actual moment of goodbyes are tortuous, and that is why I try to avoid them at all costs. We talk on the phone about once a week and text here and there in between. We are both adjusting much better than expected. (Of course, she has someone to comfort her in her difficult times while I'm here wheatgrass pets...but heyyyy...that's O-K-A-Y! HAHAHA!!)

There is one last post to this Spring break/Mexico wedding trip! Don't fall off the edge of your seats...



Priscilla Watts said...

Awe it reminds me when I say bye to my best friend because I know it will be forever lol until I see her but we both live in the states but it feels like I'm in a different country lol hang in there :) I love reading your blog:) makes my day a little better. God Bless

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, Priscilla!


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