Friday, April 21, 2017

Sunday Post-Wedding

Sunday morning after the wedding, we got to sleep in. For someone from America, this is a luxurious experience! (We have one service on Sundays and it starts at 3:30pm)

We woke up to the sound of the tamale cart passing by. I stuck my bed-head out the window and waved at him to stop. 

We got a few different kinds of tamales - this is a sweet one with cream inside.

Cherie asked for a mole one (a sauce unique to Puebla, pronounced "mole-ay").

After breakfast, we dawdled around the house, chatted, and got ready for the day.
We then headed to church - Stephanie came with me to pick up my kids.
Steph and Belen
Cherie and Steph - looking adorable in their Mexico-themed outifts!
They participated in the hoola-hoop contest in Sunday school, much to the pleasure of the team and kids!

Look who they got to meet.....

Abner was gone so I subbed for his Sunday school class...


Cherie played for the main service. I had hoped she would agree to do so and it was so nice to switch things up!! I sang and my dad led. Oh, and Johnny played the drums!

Nicole sang a special...

Andrew testified...

...and so did John.

Pastor Collins preached a wonderful message to us! God is getting ready to do GREAT things!

Andrew and Fabioli

After church, we went out to eat at Tacos el Puente - our favorite place for carne asada tacos.

Austin, after a near-death choking experience which he denies as such, but calls it "the door to my throat just closed."
I'd told Stephanie that the taco-eating record was held by Bro. David from Mexico City - he ate NINE.

Andrew and Stephanie decided to break this record and go for TEN!
They accomplished this feat, I am proud to say! I can't imagine this record will stay like this for long - who is going to let an American WHITE girl out-do them?!

It was a fun Sunday! So good to have our friends and family together again!



Amy Bailes said...

Lol. Those tacos look so good! And the tamales... I long for Mexican-made tamales. Looks like funnwas had all around fir the second wedding!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

This is one of the best vendors that come thru our colonia. YUM!
So much fun was had! And there's a little bit left to come :)


Mary Frances said...

I need to try one of those red tamales, WHEN I come!!! :))))

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yeah you do, Mary!


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