Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nicole's Bridal Shower

 Before Nicole left for good, we had a lot of fun. I don't like posting out of order or writing about things moooonths after they happened, which is why I am writing this disclaimer. No one probably cares, but it eases my conscience. My tardiness is due to a suppressive bout of un-inspiration over the last half of 2016. HA! I want to get these posts up for my own memory's sake! So even though Nicole is gone, officially, officially, officially...I still have a couple more posts to do that include her. So don't be confused - she's not here in Mexico. She's in Idaho with her husband!

--Now on to the story--

 Before Nicole officially moved to Idaho, the ladies wanted to throw Nicole a "despedida de soltera", which technically means "goodbye to singleness" - in other words a bridal shower and farewell party. The ladies from my church and Elder Wakefield's all convened at my new house. This was back in December and it was chilly outside so I made potato soup and Gramma made tortilla soup. Everyone brought gifts for Nicole. They'd been asking what kinds of gifts they should bring so the one stipulation we put out there was that the gift needed to be small. She wasn't going to be able to bring back any brooms or large tupperware. Everyone got the memo, except for one lady that gave her a crock pot. So to that lady I say "thank you" because I inherited it :) 

We performed a fake ceremony where Carmen acted as her husband...

...when asked if anyone opposed to this marriage, Elvira and Bella stood up and started arguing about their children and family problems. It was all planned ahead of time and rehearsed, but Nicole and most of the ladies had no idea. It was a riot! 
We had a bunch of games planned!

Ok, I know this is Nicole's party post, but I just want to say for the record that I have since put up curtains and painted over the scary orange you see. I really need to do an updated house post to redeem myself. LOL. I didn't realize how bad everything looked until just now. I'd only been in the house for a couple months.

Nicole had to draw her dream house, blindfolded. 
When she finished, she took the blindfold off and we all laughed and made fun of her house. :D
Probably like you all are making fun of mine right now HAHAHAHAHAH

For every gift she opened, Nicole had to guess who it was from. If she guessed correctly, she got to draw something on the giver's face. If she got it wrong, the giver got to draw something on Nicole's face. 

To end the night, each lady gave Nicole a piece of advice having to do with marriage and family. Of course we all ended up in tears! 
I knew my Tia Hayde would make me cry the worst. I told her when she arrived, "I'll be kicking out the first person that sheds a tear" HAHA.
Our faces at the end of the night -

We had a so much fun - the very best last hoorah! I enjoyed hosting my very first party and having soooo many people in my tiny little house! It was perfect!



Nicole Wakefield said...

Your house looks fine Beth! You don't even need to worry though because my outfit is so ugly and mismatched that no one will even notice anything else! 😆😂

Mary Frances said...

Duuuuuuuuudde that's A GOOD idea with the drawing on the face...I liiiiiiike that...Ima keep that in mind!!! LOL Looks like you all had a grand time, buuuuut I do agree that you should give us an update on your house, NOT that there is anything wrong with your orange sis and I still have up my grandparent's wall paper from the 50's up in the kitchen...bahahaha!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

I'll try to fit it in there soon! LOL!!!!!


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