Tuesday, April 18, 2017

She's Back - Tied the Knot and Going for Round 2!

 This past weekend was Nicole and John's Mexico wedding celebration. Nicole came in a few days before everyone else. I went to Mexico City to pick her up and from the bus ride back to Puebla up until Johnny came, we hung out like in the old days! So much fun.

 After church one night, Nicole and my mom came by my house to pick up something. Lazy person's answer to a quick delivery - toss it down into the sun roof. Score!

This lady is a friend of ours. She sells tacos by the market and also makes food for parties. She is in the top five best cooks of the universe :P 

The day after Nicole arrived, we went to the market to start buying the things Laura needed to make Nicole's wedding celebration dinner.

We stopped at many shops along the way buying rice, chilis, foil, garlic, onion, veggies, etc.

Barrels of beans...
Over the course of this market trip Nicole kept expressing how good it was to be home, how she loved Mexico and how much food she was going to be eating over the next few days - LOL!

6 kilos of rice
LOADS of dried chile!
Carmen came along for each market trip we made and was a huge help in it all!

This was a picture taken for Nicole's family in Idaho - no, we did NOT buy any pig heads for the wedding! (Those'll be at MY wedding hahahaha just kidding, just kidding...)
I couldn't believe we were here making pom poms again for ANOTHER wedding celebration. It was weird to be doing all the same stuff all over again! By this time we were pros and knew exactly what had to be done.

Soon, we started receiving news of friends that had begun the trek down to Mexico...

In the meantime, my parents took Nicole and her new family sight-seeing through Puebla. First stop was Africam Safari!

I went to Mexico City to pick up Cherie and Steph....I waited foreverrrrrr for them to come thru these doors!! (Thanks a lot, spring break!)
After much delay and plans being altered, I was reunited with my fellow bridesmaids! 
So happy to be together once again!

Our hunger got greater the closer we got to Puebla, the closer we got to Tacos el Puente...

Some of us were hungrier than others!

The girls got in Friday evening; the wedding celebration was the next day at 4pm. We had lots of work to do but of course, once we walked into the church and beheld the instruments.....
We couldn't resist a mini jam session - ha! 
Cherie serenaded us with the piano and Steph brought us back down to earth with her drumming skillZ.

After that I announced that I wasn't doing these table runners by myself so everyone GET TO WORK! (ie: Nicole, get to work - you don't have to "pack" for your honeymoon this time! HAHAHA!)

Wedding prep and festivities up next! Stay tuned!


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