Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Major Adventures with Cherie and Steph

We had a perfectly detailed schedule planned out for the girls' last day in Puebla. Wake up in the morning, go to the market, go to breakfast, go downtown, pick up Andrew at my grandparent's house, get fruit drinks at their market, go see Elissa, go to church with my grandparents. However, everything came to a screeching halt when Stephanie's octopus ink pasta started talking to her.

To refresh your memory: 

When I woke up, Stephanie was sitting on the couch in the living room. I think the first thing she said was, "Forget breakfast." LOL. Forget anything having to do with food. She wasn't feeling the greatest. We ended up sitting around the house until around noon when she said she was feeling up to going downtown! We we hopped on a bus and headed over...

The main attraction for us was the tour bus.

It was a perfect and beautiful day...

When the people in front of you don't like the sun...
Nice view.
About 10 minutes into the ride, Stephanie started feeling sick again. This is where a really funny story began unfolding. It is definitely HER story to tell though! If you ever see her around...ask about her Puebla tour bus experience and the show she gave everyone on the sidewalk as we drove past....

We ended up getting off and coming home. Cherie and I went to the store to pick up some stuff for the poor sick girl...

We went to my church that night and Andrew preached...

Some Siamese twin bananas
 Austin and his crutch skillZ
"Look how I can joust this right into the light bulb!"

Stephanie ended up staying at my house instead of going to church because she was just not doing well. She is very adventurous and all about having the full experience. Well - she got the REAL, experience in Mexico! We were worried she wouldn't be well enough to fly home so we ended up taking her to the doctor to get a shot of antibiotics.
She hadn't been able to keep anything down that day and the medicine was so strong that it had a shocking side effect on her. 
She came out of the doctor's office and said, "The world is spiiiiiningggggg..." and then "I need water." 
Next thing I knew, she's slumped forward in the chair with her EYES OPEN. I've seen someone have a seizure before and this reminded me of that. The open-eyes thing really weirded me out - I didn't know they could stay open when you faint! Cherie runs outside to get my mom, who was buying Steph water...and in shock, my mom's response was "ARE YOU LYING?!" HAHA. 
In her words, Cherie was "SCARED HALF TO DEATH."
Meanwhile, I'm holding Steph's chin up, patting and rubbing her arm. All I could think was, "She's allergic to whatever meds they gave her and she's going into a coma and she's gonna end up being hospitalized here, away from her family. Oh my word, her mom is going to KILL us!!" (Before going to the doctor, we'd called Sis. Marchbanks to see how she felt about it and she said yes to taking her. The goal was to get Steph well enough to be able to fly home the next day!) 
Anyways, so there we were, Stephanie passed out in the waiting room of the doctor's office. 
Cherie barged back into the doctor's office and the doctor comes out and sees Steph. She quickly reassured us that this was normal, the medication was just very strong. She put a cotton swab with alcohol on it under Steph's nose. It felt like an eterrrrrrnity before finally Steph came to. She said she got her hearing back first, but couldn't move a muscle or open her eyes- which is the point where she thought she was dying, too. (Come to think of it though - this means she couldn't get her SIGHT back, since her eyes were open the entire time.) When she woke up, the first thing she said was, "Woah. That was sooo weird." 
AUGH! YEAH, it was! 
*Hugs all around* "So glad to have you back on planet earth!"
The whole fainting episode probably last for less than 45 seconds, but it felt like FOREVER.
We sat in the waiting room for a while after Steph's incident. She said her hands were tingling so Mom and I sat there rubbing them while she drank Pedialite. 
Cherie was on the phone with her mom and getting a kick out/being disturbed by this stray dog in front of the clinic.

Thankfully, Steph was able to sleep through the night and woke up feeling well enough to fly.
We said our final goodbyes...nobody cried...
I think we were too relieved that Steph was doing better!! 

It seems like a gloomy way to end the post! Really though, the girls maintained such good attitudes though it all and neither of them have said anything about never returning. 
I am so glad they came! Except for that last day, we had SUCH A GOOD TIME!!! I think the lesson learned this time for our visitors was - DON'T ORDER SEAFOOD in MEXICO! 

If you do, you may be getting more of an experience than you'd planned for. 

And this here, folks, ends my Spring break posts! It sure was a fun one! 


Mary Frances said...

Good thing I don't eat seafood...PHEW!!! LOLOLOL!!!

Dorisa Rodriguez said...

Wow poor Steph, Abuelita Wakefield told me about her experience!! It tragic yes but the way she explained I was doubled over with laughter haha!! I'm sorry Steph, love you lol!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Mary - look what you've missed out on! :D

Dorisa - It is a FUNNY story!!!!!!!


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