Monday, May 30, 2016


It's been a crazy weekend. Mine started Thursday after school - we were driving into town in terrible traffic when a wave of carsickness and nausea overcame me. It is hilarious and completely coincidental, but this carsickness segued right into the flu. I like to say that dad's stop-and-go driving started a domino effect - Nicole and Austin now have the bug and several people in the church. One little girl ran out during the preaching last night twice - filled the boys' restroom sink first and on her next trip out, filled the girls' sink. Sigh.

After we got home Thursday night, Dad came in my room to pray for me. I'd already taken my contacts out so when he came in all I could see was a blurry, but unusually dark bottle of oil in his hand. When he got closer I saw what it was. "Ummm, Dad? I fried chicken in that...!" Hahaha! We both cracked up...and he brought back some fresh, clean oil!

Elder Wakefield went out of town with Bro. Mario this weekend to visit a pastor in Oaxaca. Gramma was going to be by herself so she invited me to stay with her Saturday night. 
They have service Sunday morning so I went with her. Bro Gelacio taught the adult class....
I thought this was a funny picture... :D
Bro. Gelacio helping Fidel find the Bible passage

 Abner preached

During the preaching, something very odd happened...
It seemed like every time I would close my eyes, I'd open them to find another almond around me.
Like it'd literally fallen from the sky.

 At first I thought they were falling from maybe a nest in the roof...or a squirrel...honestly, I had no idea LOL! 

This one was behind my chair...
Turns out, there was a mischievous little toddler in the back throwing his snack... HAHA. 

 Abner preached for us as well. 
He had everyone come up to the altar and separated them by whether they had the Holy Ghost or not. 
I got this incredible picture! The people on Abner's left are the ones that have the Holy Ghost and on his right are the ones that have never ever received it. 
This is INCREDIBLE! On the right side are backsliders and people coming because of Sunday school. We have so many people that need the Holy Ghost!!

We had an incredible time in the altar - God really moved! I saw people bawling in the altars that I've never seen moved before. It was so good. A wonderful Sunday, like it should be!


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