Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cinco de Mayo

For Cinco de Mayo, we had two days of school off. Nicole and I woke up bright and early and took off for the center of town where Puebla's yearly celebration parade is held. We've blogged about it many many times so I'll just put a couple links to past year's posts if ya'll want a refresher! In these posts you can find the history of Cinco de Mayo, why we go to this parade, and why it is important to Puebla.

I'm sure I've said it before, but I must say it again. I find it hilarious how Cinco de Mayo is a major holiday in the US, but here in Mexico, Puebla is the only one of 31 states that celebrate it as a huge holiday. I DON'T GET IT!!! I remember going to Walmart one year during 5 de Mayo and they had displays out with jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions. Little Mexican flags, traditional decor, etc. I was thinking, "Oh, the US celebrates it too? That's weird." It's like if Mexico were to celebrate the Battle of the Little Bighorn. It just doesn't happen!! It is possible that the US celebrates it more than Mexico :D

Anyways. Where was I...
Nicole and I went into town. We didn't eat breakfast and instead, started our day off right with a tamale bought from a lady selling them on a corner.

We saw some beautiful horses passing by on the street so I very excitedly pulled out my phone to take a picture. Unfortunately, the camera was on on front-facing so I got a picture of Nicole instead.

As soon as we reached the location of the parade, a man passed by pushing a cart of watermelon shish kabobs, watermelon cups, watermelon with chile. 
There is nothing more refreshing than watermelon!

We wandered around for a while looking for interesting sights, interesting looking people, and interesting food. (Mainly food, if we're honest. Cinco de Mayo week was an unhealthy one. Refer to previous blog entry.)
 When we felt the parade was about to start, we bought two little chairs from this vendor.

 We then found a decent-ish area to take a seat in. We sat down, got comfortable and let the sun do its perfect work.

The parade started shortly thereafter. I told Nicole to not bother taking a bunch of pictures of the parade since we've blogged about it so many times. But...she did anyways. So I shall not let her work be in vain. 

The army.
Lemme tell ya - there ain't nothin' to make you feel more patriotic towards the US than seeing the Mexican army! HAHHAHAAH
Because of the people in front of us with their obnoxious umbrellas, Nicole stood on her chair for the interesting parts of the parade. I hugged her legs to keep her steady.

The most interesting part of the parade is the floats! People get so creative. They are amazing!

This float had sounds of guns firing and men yelling. They had actors in it shooting at each other and keeling over. It was great!

The Mayan army?

This was a ship float with pirates running around in it. Look at those waves! We need whoever built these floats to come in and make us some Sunday school props - haha!

Hope ya'll Americans had a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo! Maybe if you were lucky you got school and work off. :)



Amy Bailes said...

Love the pirate ship! It's crazy how much Cinco de Mayo is celebrated here. Even when I was in middle school (30+years ago) it was a big deal in Houston!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amy - There were a lot of other cool floats we didn't get pictures of. People are so creative!
And that is funny!!!!!! I think the people down here would think that is funny too. People celebrating their holiday :D


Mary Frances said...

I've actually NEVER celebrated it!!! LOL

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Mary - that kind of surprises me!


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