Monday, May 23, 2016

Feria del Cinco de Mayo

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, our city puts on a fair each year. It has games, activities, rides, and food galore. We were given fifty admission tickets for this fair by one of Puebla's contending political parties to give to the people of our church. We took it as our personal responsibility to go and check this event out before endorsing it by giving out tickets - to make sure it had a clean, family atmosphere. We were also looking forward to having a good time and eating some yummy traditional Mexican food.
Dad, me, Nicole walking up the hill of Loreto towards the lights of the fair
This was our view
That steep walk required a refreshing cup of "agua de frutas"
Dad's first food choice was a beef shish kabob
Nicole is a huge fan of cotton candy; it's her favorite part of fairs (that and chalupas - lol!)
Nicole and I stopped over at Times Square in NYC :)
We had to make the required stop at the chalupa stand!
Oh, yum.
Take a closer look at this goodness
My favorite ride!!!
Food as far as the eye could see
Junk food for as far as the eye could see
My favorite part of fairs and these types of food-selling events is the apple salad. Oh yum, oh yum!
To finish the night off, Nicole and I went on our favorite ride - it's the one with booth/cars in a circle that when they turn, you are slammed into one another by gravity.
I could just imagine my hair whipping around and getting caught in the ride and ripped out of my head. Tie that mess up!
We get a kick out of it, as you can see! We go whirling around screaming and Nicole aaaalways says the same thing. "GET OFF OF MEEEEEEE!" and I always respond "I CAN'T!"
There was also some screaming of "PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY."
But Nicole didn't, which is why we even have these pictures :)
Thankfully she kept a good hold on it and it didn't go flying off into space. 
An extra layer is added to the adrenaline rush because of how rickety the rides look. It makes for a fun experience. We definitely had a blast! Stay tuned for the actual Cinco de Mayo that I'll be posting tomorrow. That is of course unless I die, lose internet, or have some kind of emergency that keeps me away from my computer - which I am not expecting. So I'll talk to you all tomorrow!!



Amy Bailes said...

Looks like fun but um, that little scary scenario in your head that made you put your hair up? That actually happened to a little girl last month (or the month before) here in the states. She was scalped.

So yes, ALWAYS put your hair up!!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh wow. OUCH. That is awful. When posting this I thought of the girl and the corn on the cob on a drill fail...don't know if you've seen it, but ouch, ouch, ouch.


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