Monday, May 16, 2016

Bits of Fun Here and There!

Good morning and happy Monday to all of you! :D This is Nicole... I have heard the desperate call for help, and am ready to take up my cross and blog! (For today anyways...LOL) So much has been happening here in the past few weeks and we have loads to post about! There's church services and Sunday school, Bible quizzing and Cinco de Mayo celebrations!
But today I'm just going to share what we've been doing in between all the important, big happenings... Just some fluff. Haha! We've had a few days off from school because of Cinco de Mayo, and then weekends where we went out looking for fun things to do. So here's a little bit of that...

A few weeks ago I discovered this wonderful little café in our downtown area, on our favorite street called Callejon de los Sapos. (Alley of the Frogs)  I introduced my family to this little café soon after finding it, and we've been frequenting it quite a bit since then! There are tables inside and out on the sidewalk, and it is marvelous just to be able to sit outside with a cup of coffee, people watch, and feel the breeze. Anyone up for a cup of coffee now?? Come visit us and we'll take you here :)
The café is the pink building to the left.

The inside is decorated so creatively!!

Café Santo Patrono
I don't look super happy here, but believe me.. On the inside I was haha!

Another thing we like to do when we're not running around like chickens with our heads cut off, is to EAT. But if you are a faithful reader, you already knew this about us haha.

We have visited our favorite molote stand 2 times, and that is 2 times too many if we are considering the amount of GREASE that is consumed each visit!! But it is delicious grease. :)
Sorry visitors, we will not be taking you here! Unless you want to sign a waiver saying that you take full responsibility for any illness or nausea you might feel after shocking your inexperienced stomach with the loads of lard that the food is fried in here. LOL. It's an acquired tolerance ya'll. :))

They also have some wonderful pickled cow hoof tostadas... It's like very firm jello chopped up. Covered in lettuce and sour cream. Lovely.
No thanks :)
 These here are the stars of the show! Molotes!

During our break we also spent some time at the material store

Just imagine all the clothes you can make with all of these materials..

We got to go out a couple times with Dad for breakfast. That is a rarity because obviously, Beth and I have school every morning!
This was my breakfast. It was delicious, came with coffee, the works, and guess how much it cost?? A little over 5 bucks. :D

Beth's breakfast. Also very good!

Beth and I
We hardly ever get our picture taken together nowadays!
Mother's day here in Mexico was on Tuesday, so we spent the afternoon with our sweet grandma :)
Mom was in the states with Austin still so we weren't able to celebrate this day with her.
Okay well, the burden to blog has lifted haha. So I will leave you all here!



Mary Frances said...

Nicole!!! YAAAAA!!! That coffee shop sounds lovely, what was Beth drinking there it looks intriguing!!! :)))

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

I was drinking a Chai frappe! 😍


Laura Wyatt said...

That looks so amazing. .. would love a little coffee shop like that here.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Laura - it's the cutest thing. I much prefer it over Starbucks!


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