Friday, May 13, 2016

Good News from Veracruz + More

We've had a very exciting past couple of weeks! Sunday before last, right as Sunday school was about to start, two older ladies walked in with a little girl. They said they were from Veracruz and someone had given them the address to our church. Their story is very interesting! The short version goes something like this:

Soledad was a Trinitarian for almost forty years until a man from Pastor Herrera's church in Tulsa, OK began witnessing to her. From what I understood, he's been witnessing to her for years! It was not until recently, however, that she received a revelation of the oneness! She came to our church with a desire to be baptized and too see if there is a man willing to go and start a church in her area. I asked her if she'd gotten the Holy Ghost and she said "supposedly" she had, back in '79, but hadn't spoken in tongues in a very long time. I told her that today could be the day she got it again! Her eyes got wide and hopeful and she replied, "Sera?" ("Could it be?")

This all happened during Sunday school. Always at the end of class we have an altar call for the kids. It was during this time that Soledad was refilled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues once again! She was absolutely radiant! You've never seen someone happier!
Soledad is the lady with white hair and beige top - she is around 60. Her mom is beside her who is about 80. They also brought their little granddaughter who is 5. She loved Sunday school!
This picture was taken right after Soledad got refilled in Sunday school.
Abner preached for us and did a great job.

After church we had a little jam session, which was so much fun!

After all of this, we took our new friends to the bus station. Where they live in Veracruz is about four hours from us - they made quite a sacrifice to come to church!
Me, Soledad, Rufina, and the little miss Areli
Soledad came back again this past Sunday, but this time she brought her daughter, Sandra. She'd received the Holy Ghost years ago as well, but like her mother, hadn't prayed through in years.
During the song service Sandra came up to get prayed for. A few of the ladies gathered around her and before too long she was speaking in tongues! She was so joyful, so happy - she just clapped and clapped and spoke in tongues. All the while the tissue in her hand began to shred into tiny bits that were flying everywhere. It looked like a bird had exploded into the air. By the time she was done praying, her and the ladies had bits of tissue all stuck to their faces. It was pretty funny!

A sweet picture showing new souls in the altar - Soledad, Ailyn, Ailyn's mom and sister.
This is Ailyn's little nephew, Josue. He's a little booger in church! Hard to keep him quiet, but we found he likes to hide his toy car inside his shirt. This is the face he'd make each time it disappeared.

This past Sunday, Soledad came back to be baptized! It was a very exciting occasion.
After coming up from the water, Soledad cried and spoke in tongues for a long time. You could tell that Soledad knew exactly the importance of what had just happened to her.

Since Soledad was going to be baptized and we had to fill the baptistry anyways, a call was made for anyone else that would like to be baptized.
During our last Sunday school promotion, Ailyn started inviting a new family to church. They are a husband and wife with two young teenage boys. When Pastor asked if anyone else had the desire to be baptized, they came forward.
Mateo was baptized first - he seemed so touched afterwards and stayed in the baptistry praying for a while.

Mateo's wife, Nicasia, was next. She was all smiles!

Isn't this all so exciting?? We are happy about what has been happening lately. God is doing great things!



Sister Connell said...

Wow! Awesome news!! You know you've got a hungry fish on the line when they travel four hours to be in church. Thanks for sharing this great report. Dios esta haciendo grandes cosas! (Forgive my lack of accent marks. This dumb gringa doesn't know how to make them on the computer. LOL)

Amy Bailes said...

How exciting!

Jennifer Connell said...

Our God is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Frances said...

AWESOME!!! It IS very exciting!!!

tinzy love said...

Veracruz is in my prayers, Puebla as well.

Amanda Diaz said...

So wonderful! Can't wait to see what God does in her and her family's life.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Sis Connell - I don't think that sentence is supposed to have any accents so great job! Lol! We were happy to see the Veracruz ladies in service AGAIN yesterday!

Amy - It is!!

Jen - Thanks for reading!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Mary - We couldn't be happier :)

Tinzy love - Thank you!!!!!

Amanda - Maybe you'll get to see for yourself in a couple months :)


Anali Velez said...

What amazing news!! God is moving!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Anali - He is! We are blessed!!


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