Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Over spring break Elder and Sis Wakefield went to Oaxaca with the Garcia family. My Gramma emailed me these pictures and although I was not there, I thought people would enjoy seeing them! They went and visited the place where they make Mezcal. There are so many steps they go though to get to the final product - but they are each done in such fascinating and "old timey" ways. 

This is one of the steps they go through to make Mezcal. The stuff that is being crushed is the heart of the maguey plant (agave, in Engish). It has been cooked in a large hole in the ground for 5 days.

This is the place that it is cooked. They start with charcoal then special wood, then it is all covered. They give you pieces to taste - it tastes like smoked brown sugar.

The cooked root - ready for the wheel to crush. After all these steps are finished, mezcal is made. Thumbs down for alcohol, but thumbs up for the tasty stuff that comes before and the interesting process.

This is at a hotel that was a monastery many years ago. This is where they washed their clothes. The gardens here are so nice.

They say that all the gold color you see here is real gold. All the arches you see are other small rooms with idols featured and more gold. The whole ceiling is ornate as you see here.

Little Miss Elissa loved the water, from what I heard!


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