Thursday, June 25, 2015

Honduras - Day 4

Our fourth day in Honduras was pretty full, but in a relaxed sort of way. It was Sunday and it started out with the power going out very early in the morning. I feel like the main topic in these past few posts has been the heat, but it actually was a main part - lol!  Anyways, moving air makes all the difference. I woke up at around 4am and I couldn't breath, I felt like I was suffocating. In my haze of sleepiness I didn't realize the electric fans had quit working, but had to sit up and use my hand-held fan on and off for about half an hour until I was able to fall back asleep. We all woke up again at 6am for morning prayer. The electricity came back on a few hours later - in time for the main shebang! Sunday was the jubilee service. All the daughter work churches came together for one big service - children, young people, and adults. 

Bro. Schreckhise led the service
As he started the service, I looked out the window and saw these guys running around in the yard. 
Charity took it upon herself to fan the little baby behind her. 
Mom very accurately stated, "The devil isn't the adversary of my soul. The HEAT is." 
Can I get an amen??!
My weapons of warfare: spray bottle, fan, and hankie. 
This little guy was not enjoying the heat either. For most of the service he just cried and cried - I completely sympathized with him. I felt like doing the same thing. 
It was packed out
People, people everywhere! In one mind, and one accord - breathing the same stuffy air! (Hahaha!) 
The altars were full!
Cristel seeking the Holy Ghost

At one point during altar call, Charity got tossed over to the platform side of the altar - I'm guessing because a crowded altar wasn't the safest place for tiny little Charity to be. 
She sat down beside my dad....

....I saw them leaning together talking and wondered what in the world she was telling him. Later, Dad said she informed him that there was a man in the altar that had leaned forward, exposing his back. She wanted my dad to please go talk to him. HAHA. 

After service we went outside for lunch. Some of the Schreckhises and our family gathered a few chairs together in a circle. Once again, Charity sat next to my dad. 

Pointing to this man, she said, "That man is from my church and he literally does not pray." 
Nothing escapes Charity. She has her eye on everyone! 

After lunch, everyone packed up and headed out. 
Saying goodbye
We went back to the Schreckhise's home after camp ended.
At one point, Sis. Schreckhise mentioned that she was going to run outside to collect the eggs from the chickens. I'd never seen this done so I was excited to go out with her. 

Charity and the eggs we collected
Orphie, the cat
Miss Lydia
Later on in the day, we went to see the beach which is about one kilometer from the Schreckhise home. How perfectly providential! 
Josiah and Austin
Dad, walking on the water
Beautiful beach
Charity enjoyed spraying off everyone's sandy feet. 
For dinner we went out. I tried a pupusa for the first time! 

The main group
The guys' table
Another awesome day in the books! 



Kathy McElhaney said...

Enjoying all these posts! That little Charity seems like quite the character!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh, she is! She kept us laughing the whole trip. Such an adorable little girl.


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