Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Honduras - Day 3

Our third day in Honduras was spent at camp. This was our first full day of camp - it started with 6am prayer, morning service at 9am, lunch, games, relaxation, and service later in the evening. This was the first day where we reeeeally got to experience the heat and humidity. Starting at 6am! 
(The day we arrived it was 108 F and 100% humidity - and it stayed around there for our entire visit.)

A camper washing her clothes on the washboard outside
Nathaniel Schreckhise preached Saturday morning - he did an awesome job. 
Bro. Adan, pastor of the church in Olanchito, Honduras - we heard some straight-forward preaching! 
Feeling overheated :D 
The boys playing washers 
  After lunch, I saw Allana cleaning the girls' restroom. (This girl is a hard worker!) I asked her if there was anything I could do and she said YES! All the tile needed to be mopped with bleach water to get rid of the flies. They were everywhere! While I did enjoy the methodical back-and-forth of mopping the tile, if I thought I was hot BEFORE mopping....things got about five times worse. As Nicole and I mopped, we called out encouraging comments to each other about how nice a cold shower was going to feel when we finished mopping.

Nicole insisted upon taking pictures of the mopping experience...
So artistic. 
Dad doing some magic tricks for the guys
Bro. Bairon leading the service 
Dad preaching the night service
Altar call

After church everyone went outside for soccer and building human pyramids. 

It was so funny - several times we felt like it was so overbearingly hot and humid, but the Schreckhise kids would say, "Oh, it's not that bad!" or "I'm wearing two shirts! I don't feel hot." And very convincingly downplayed the torturous heat. However, when asking little Charity, she was always faithful to tell me what I wanted to hear: "Oh, it is hottttttttttttttt!!!!!!" Thank you for validating my suffering, Charity! :)
Charity - the youngest little Schreckhise beauty. 
Day four will be posted soon!



Lauren Nicole said...

I love the Schreckhise family! I'm so happy that you all got to go, but a little envious as well. ;)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

We love them too! We had a GREAT time - we are so happy we got to go.


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