Friday, June 26, 2015

Honduras - Day 5

We woke up Tuesday morning to a delicious breakfast - two things really stood out to me. Bro. Schreckhise has some kind of secret recipe to scrambled eggs - the eggs from the chickens out back. I have never had scrambled eggs that were so tasty, and honestly just impressive. Then Sis. Schreckhise made banana muffins; they were out of this world!! We also had cantaloupe and mango. Everything was so satisfying and delicious. 

Charity informed me that she likes to chew the muffin papers. Get every bit of banana yumminess off of them! I thought she was joking...
...she was serious. 

After breakfast we went out for a little site-seeing. 
The Schrechhise and the Wakefield families
Crazy people! 
We site-saw past the river that a bunch of the Schreckhise kids were baptized in. It was beautiful! 

Green jungle everywhere, and a waterfall way back in the distance
We arrived at the next stop - what turned out to be a test of our courage and bravery. We were going to be walking a suspension bridge that crossed over the river below. 
Petting a savage and wild jungle cat (lol)

Crossing the bridge
Mom and Dad
Heights - my biggest fear
But sweet Sis. Schreckhise was behind me all the way with words of encouragement, letting me know there is no other option but to keep walking foward - haha! 
Allana and Charity
Nathaniel and Allana - a cool picture! 
We got to the other side safely!! When we did, we saw this.
Probably where they make human sacrifices - heh heh. 
Sarah, me, Lydia, Allana, Nicole, and Charity
We wanted to squeeze together (thus me and Allana's arms suspended in the air) but we were just too hot and sticky! Ain't nobody got time for that. 
Snail soup
I cannot say this soup was disgusting, and I cannot say it was delicious. I was torn between wanting to try something new and eating steaming hot soup in the mall where the air conditioner had gone out. Sis. Schreckhise tasted it and said it wasn't a good example of snail soup. I tasted it as well and immediately broke out in hot flashes HAHA. It wasn't gross! It was just tooooo hot for soup. We meant to bring it back to the house to eat under less stressful conditions, but accidentally left it on the table. Whoopsies. 
We went to the grocery store, saw some "garlic spred" lol! 

Can you spot the monkey?
Over dinner we listened to the new Odyssey. A very loud cheer/"Booo!!!" went out after a Penny gave Wooten her final answer to his proposal. I say cheer/"Boooo!!" because I don't want to give away whether we were happy or sad in case you guys haven't heard it yet...
Ladies -
This is Nathaniel cleaning the kitchen and putting food away after dinner.
Just thought I'd put this out there!! 
Nicole and Sarah
Visiting after dinner and Allana looking veryyyy happy in the back :))
The night ended with me soaking my feet in ice water. The perfect solution to a very large situation I was having. Hahahahha! :D


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