Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Africam Safari - End of the School Year Trip

As a celebration for accomplishing one more year of school, we wanted to take the boys on a special field trip. We had a few ideas, but the one we have been most hoping for was to go to Africam Safari. This is a drive-thru zoo that we have here in Puebla. It is up in the hills, away from the city and is quite an experience. The only problem was that it is a bit pricey - especially with a big group. We were contemplating this idea when I got some news - someone was sending $1,500 pesos to use with our students since summer vacation was coming. I could not have been more astounded - the timing was perfect. It seemed like a small thing, but God cares for us and He made a way! 

This past Saturday we loaded up in our van and headed out to the safari. This was a big deal for our boys - they were pretty excited. 

A safari Thing

We told the boys ahead of time that there'd probably be monkeys and to be ready. Sure enough, the little monkeys jumped up on our windows looking for food and one even managed to steal a bag off grapes right off Mom's lap. We were going crazy!!  

Eating a potato chip

We were able to witness this baby wildebeest stand for the first time. He must have been just born - he was still slimy-looking and we saw his umbilical cord hanging. It was so interesting how all the other wildebeests gathered around the baby, encouraging him to stand and helping him stay balanced. 

Watching the elephants

Watching the gorillas

The area with hippos....and plenty of mosquitos 

We had a funny experience with this lion - there is this jeep that is halfway stuck through the glass. He jumped up on the hood while the boys sat up in the front of it. It looks like they are just chilling with a lion - no big deal! 
We all wanted our pictures with the lion...

Fabian got to ride this little burro - his first time ever! 

We were driving through a certain part of the safari when we came to the part where there is a zip line. It goes across a giant canyon. I've never seen our oldest get so excited - we asked him if he wanted to go on it and he immediately said yes. He then started trying to convince Austin. Slowly but surely he persuaded all of the boys and Pastor to go on the zip line as well. 

Getting ready to get suited up and jump....
The brave boys

This is the canyon they each zip-lined across. 

After the zip line, we continued on the safari. 

The butterfly exhibit

We ended the day with the bird show. So interesting!! 

Watching the bird show
We had such a wonderful and exciting day - this will be a trip the boys will never ever forget! One of the boy's moms told me on Sunday that when they got home they couldn't stop talking about the safari and the zip line... We are happy they had such a memorable and fun day. Thank you to the people that made this trip possible!!!! Thank you for believing in us and the work down here!



Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very neat trip. I enjoyed this post. :-)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you!


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