Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Border Trip

Hi everyone this is Nicole! Week before last some of the Wakefield family took a trip up to the border to renew papers and to pick up some supplies for the church, school, and home. We had a very good time and also got to meet some new people. This post might be a tad boring though, because I am just not feeling the blogging inspiration. I'll just give the important details. :D

First important detail:
Car troubles.

Our van had been giving us trouble in the weeks before we needed to drive out. We took it to our mechanic in Puebla, and he had a few ideas about what the problem might be... Brakes, fuel pump, transmission. See, I don't have all the details...  But anyways, for one reason or another, we ended up driving to Texas with a dying car. The trip was great for the first 6 hours! It was chugging along happily until we made it about half way to the border. Then it started cutting and then would just die while going down the road. We would coast to the side of the road and wait for about 15 minutes, then start 'er back up. After each 15 minute rest the car would take us about 30 miles before it died again. My memory is a bit hazy on all these car issues because there were SO MANY of them. 
I keep on having to ask other family members, 
"What was the car doing on the way to the border?" 
--"Oh it was "blah, blah, blah...". 
..."No, that happened on out way BACK home! I need to know what happened leaving Puebla"

We had car problems to and from the Texas. We ended up having to stay overnight halfway to the border. The car was nice enough (or should I say God was good enough), to land us in a pretty nice town with a place to sleep for the night. There happened to be a Dodge dealership in the town so we took the car there. I can't remember what happened there, but the next morning we headed out with a still sick car. After about another 6-8 hours, we made it to the Aduana. The Aduana is on the Mexican side of the border and is where we take care of all our paperwork. The car barely made it out of the parking lot. 
And that, for the moment, is the end of car trouble stories.

The bugs got bigger the closer we got to the border :))

The U.S. border

Second important detail:
Cracker Barrel :)

Cracker Barrel is very near and dear to our hearts, so this was our first stop.

On our way up to the border, Gramma had told us about a picture of a family that she had seen just recently in a church newspaper. The newspaper said that they were Bro. & Sis. Rodriguez from San Juan, TX. San Juan is pretty close to McAllen, where we usually cross the border. What a blessing it would be to have a connection with this family!

So, like I said, we went straight to Cracker Barrel for lunch right after crossing the border.
We opened the doors, we walked to the "greeter" stand to get a table, and there in front of us was a lovely, godly looking young woman. 
As soon as she saw us, she exclaimed, "I know you all! You're the Wakefields!! I read the blog!" (Cheers to all you readers out there!)
It turned out that this was the Rodriguez's daughter Dorisa! Who'd have thought that the first person we would see and talk to would be the same people we had been wondering about on the trip up! 
What a coincidence, right? ..God already had everything in place! 
We were so happy to meet Dorisa and, eventually, her parents.

It was such a pleasure to meet this girl! She's the sweetest, most hilarious thing ever! She's also tiny... makes me look like a giant. :))

We had a great service with the Clarks! My parents had preached here before, but it was my first time. It was so nice meeting everyone!

The rest of the trip was comprised of ...

Meeting monstrous mosquitos. These things were monsters. 

Phone calls with the car shop.
 I'm pretty sure this was the phone conversation with the car dealership, when we received the wonderful news of how much this trip was going to cost. Woohoo.
(By the time we got back home, we spent $,$$$'s on our little van... The joke now is that we have a new car! :)) On the inside anyways...)

Texas flooding!

Thankfully, we survived.

The weather on the border was hot and HUMID. Every time we would go from a freezing cold air-conditioned building to the outside, this would happen to anyone wearing glasses. 

And that my dear friends was our trip to the border!


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