Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dia del Niño

Since most of our family was going to be travelling on the official "Children's Day" of Mexico, we planned a special Saturday outing for all of our Sunday school kids. We went to the Parque Ecologico here in town. It's a beautiful, very large park. 

We contracted a bus to come pick all of us up and the church on Saturday morning. 
We had 30 riding on the bus
Jael, Beatriz, and Ana Belen

A very scary swaying bridge over the lake

Trying to cross
We started out by playing in the play gym...until a security guard told us most of our kids were too big!
Beatriz and Ana Belen, the little babysitter


A few of the kiddos

Watching the ducks in the lake

Nicole and Beatriz

Rolling down the hill

We crossed over this bridge and saw this...
A closer look...
I think people are trying to start a bridge like the one in Paris with locks all over it :) 


Eating lunch


Nicole found this brilliant game on Pinterest. With water bottle, wash cloth, and soapy water you can make "snake bubbles". Everyone got such a kick out this! 

All the kids wanted to try their hand at it. 

Crazy girl

Blowing snake bubbles turned into a bubble fight - people had suds all in their hair and on their faces. 

The napping ladies were especially susceptible...

Towards the end of the day, Austin and Choyo decided they wanted to go on the zip line. 

Choyo way up high, about to come sliding past us on the zip line. 


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