Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dinner for Two

Last week Nicole and I had a boatload of errands to run. We also wanted to have dinner in the Zocalo, which is the historic center of town. It is a beautiful view! 

It is always interesting to sit outside and eat. You get the added entertainment of passers-by. Some are singing, playing instruments, are selling trinkets, or just look hilarious.
Never boring! 
This was a couple days after I'd gotten back from the States. I was craving some authentic Mexican enchiladas with spicy red sauce. 
I couldn't have asked for anything tastier. When my plate arrived, my eyes about popped out of my head - it looked delicious! 

Nicole's enfrijoladas

Nicole and her food

(Nicole had to make a phone call right as our food was brought and I tried my best to wait for her to come back....but I did not succeed. Which is why my plate is empty while hers is full. 
After shopping around for a while and picking up something we needed for Sunday school, it started to rain. Cats and dogs! And hail. Since I am the clever type and think ahead, I brought an umbrella. And not just any umbrella! It's our nice one from Costco that is heavy-duty and won't turn inside-out with the wind. That's always nice. :)
The roads cleared like the Red Sea, giving Nicole and I the chance to walk down the middle of the road unobstructed. Our shoes filled with water, but our faces stayed nice and dry. We soon grabbed a bus and headed home. 
Puebla doesn't have the best street drainage system so it was interesting to watch the cars and buses drive through the streets making huge tidal waves of water. I felt bad for people walking home...
I can say I'm loving this season of rain. Rain is beautiful at any time of the day, but is an especially soothing sound to fall asleep to each night. 


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