Friday, May 8, 2015

Pizzas and... Nicole the Kidnapper

Last week, while the family was in the states, I spent quite a bit of time with Sis. Carmen and her girls. They always take good care of me when I'm all alone. I never leave this house hungry... More like painfully full.

One day I was over  at the house, Sis. Carmen wanted me to teach her how to make pizza.
The girls had fun helping decorate the pizzas

 Ana Belen loves smiling for the camera!

Jerameel not so much... haha

 Ana Belen entertained us with riddles and jokes while we waited for our pizza

 Hawaiian pizza!
Not my favorite, but hey- when you're hungry everything tastes good, right? 

After eating, we went outside to play a Mexican version of hopscotch. 
They call it "Chango" here. (Monkey)
The girls found pieces of broken red brick to draw the arms, feet, legs, belly, and head of 
the "monkey".

 Jerameel with Loca, one of the street dogs.

 We jumped around and played hopscotch for the next half hour or so until it started to sprinkle.

I headed home as soon as it started to rain. On the way there, I passed a little house that we pass by when we go on outreach every Sunday. There are always three little brothers and sisters all under the age of about 6. As I walked by the little kids called me over saying "SeñoraSeñora!
They asked me, "Why didn't you come to our house yesterday?" 
"Yesterday" happened to be a Thursday, so I explained to them that we come by on Sundays not Thursdays. 
Explaining the days of the week to a candy-hungry 6 year old is hard.
As I stood there chatting with the kiddos, the conversation slowed, and then halted.. The little girl looks down at my purse and says, "What do you have in there?" 
I'm sure she was hoping for a little piece of candy, but sadly I had none! :))
These kids want to come to Sunday School so badly. We have passed by their house and invited them so many times, but they have never come! They want to come have fun with all the other kids, but their mom has always seemed very disinterested. 
So I asked them to go get their mom so I could talk to her. Mom came out and I offered to come pick the children up on Sunday, and bring them back home after Sunday school.
I immediately became Enemy-Kidnapper #1. LOL
She looked at me like I was going to grab her kids right then and make a run for it.
I assured and reminded her to no avail that the church was just a block and a half down the road. 
She wasn't having it though and announced that she herself would take kids to Sunday school the coming Sunday! 
And were they with us this past Sunday? Nope.

Oh well kids... I tried. Haha.


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