Friday, May 15, 2015

SS End of Quarter Party

Last Sunday we had our end-of-the-quarter party. Another 12 weeks of Sunday school has passed!
As we do in every Sunday school party, we had tons of games planned with prizes, toys, and an abundance of candy.

We started out with the same game we played at the park on Children's Day a few weeks back. Dip your water bottle in the soap and see who can make the longest soap snake. In this picture I am demonstrating how it is done. I love the looks on the kids' faces! 
They are adorable. 

Litle girl in the front middle...aww :) Utter amazement! 

Dipping into the soapy water

Several kids looked like they were about to pass out. They had to be told to stop and TAKE A BREAK! 
We do not want any kids unconscious on the ground in Sunday School, unless it is because of the Holy Ghost...

We also did a relay race of filling a cup of popcorn tied to your shoe. We had popcorn everywhere, but the kids loved it! 

Shake, shake, shake! 
We played a ton of other games and relay races, but somehow we did not get pictures of them...

At the end of class, we presented the prize to the contest winners. 
The contest was to earn points by inviting guests, memorizing verses, and bringing your Bible. Jerameel astounded us all with her skill in memorizing Bible verses. She'd come to class each Sunday having memorized entire chapters of the Bible! Supergirl! 

This is Sis. Carmen's daughter - the same daughter that won the contest a couple quarters ago and got a trip to the zoo with her family! We love the girls to pieces! 
It was funny - Nicole presented the prize to her and immediately her sister jumped up to admire the prize. She was just as excited as her sister! 

So here we go again - decorating for a brand new quarter! I will have pictures of what we come up with in the next week or so. It is always nice to have a new scenery. We enjoy using our creativity and the kids are always excited to see the new decor. We have a meeting Saturday morning where we will hopefully get everything built and ready for Sunday! 


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