Monday, May 18, 2015

Mi Viejo Pueblito

On Saturday Grampa and Gramma took Nicole and I out for lunch. We went to a very popular restaurant called "Mi Viejo Pueblito". They serve authentic Mexican food in a classy, traditional atmosphere. 
Perusing the menu...

I still hadn't entirely kicked my craving for red enchiladas so I didn't need to even look at the menu. 
Mi Viejo did not disappoint me! 
My enchiladas in red sauce

Nicole's enchiladas - one in mole poblano, pipian verde, and pipian rojo. 

Gramma's very healthy salad

Grampa's...something. I don't remember what he ordered, but it looks like mole! 
We spent a nice day together. After having lunch we ran a few errands and picked up things for Sunday school. We love spending time with our wonderful grandparents! We are blessed to have them and thankful we get to have them so close.


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