Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Up To Our Eyeballs in Cake :))

Yesterday was Eddy's 10th birthday!!
He is the sweetest, and cutest out of all of our boys. :) 
Even though he is getting so old, he's still our little baby.

We had a mini celebration with cake during lunch. I set the cake in front of him, we sang happy birthday, and then came the moment we were all waiting for! The Mordida! 

I saw the mischievous glint in his older brother's eye as he crept inconspicuously towards Eddy... Eddy leaned forward to take a little nibble...

And.... BAM! 
AUSTIN had run forward and smashed this poor little guy's whole face into the cake!!! He was literally up to his eyeballs in cake! LOL

What had started as a fun and smiley time turned into watery red eyes and sniffing as we wiped the cake out his eyes. :( After he was done cleaning up and blowing all the cake out of his nose, he was able to laugh when he saw above picture of himself. Honestly I think he was just so shocked and maybe couldn't breathe out of his nose from all the cake that got shoved up there... Not being able to breathe is scary!:))

This has got to be the biggest mordida that I have ever seen!

For the record, Austin did get a good talking to about being gentler... 
Sigh. He is still growing into his muscles and just does NOT know his own strength...


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