Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1 Received the Holy Ghost in Cuautla!

This past Saturday we had the chance to visit the church in Cuautla once again! This time it was for a youth service, so the North and South churches of Puebla filled their cars with as many young people as we could fit! 
Sadly we couldn't bring all of our youth since we just didn't have enough seats. (A larger van/bus is in our prayers!!) But between the two cars that came from our church, we were able to bring several adults and about 6 young people. 

The Cuautla church meets in a very small, humble building. The services are held on the second floor in a small room with windows with no glass in them-- which was a very good thing with type of weather they have there! It was sweltering hot there... (to us who are spoiled with the wonderful climate here in Puebla!) Only light lace curtains covered the windows, and floated up and around with the breeze.

As we began service, our surroundings were forgotten as the wonderful presence of God came into that humble little second story room. We had a wonderful time of worship in the song service...
I was so focused on singing and feeling the presence of God when all of the sudden I noticed that something seemed to be sitting on my head! As I tried to continue singing, I waved my hand around my head and found that one of the curtains, with the help of the wind, had found its way and landed on top of my head! One of the men of the church kindly tied it up into a knot so it couldn't cause anymore funny but unwanted moments. :)

Thankfully Grampa helped with some of the songs!

Abner preached under the anointing of God!

Among the youth that Tabernaculo de Victoria brought was Anahy. She has been coming to our church since she was just a little girl of about 7 years old. Almost all of her family received the Holy Ghost in back in 2009-2010. She has been seeking the Holy Ghost all these years, and more fervently in the past several weeks, but could not break through!

But on Saturday in that sweltering little church, God came down and visited us and filled Anahy with the Holy Ghost!
What a joy to see another young person receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!

Afterwards we all ate downstairs. The women of the church prepared a delicious meal!!
Rice and beans with Mixiote - Chicken cooked in a bag with red salsa and an avocado leaf. The avocado leaf gives it a wonderful unique licorice/anise type flavor. That might sound strange but is sooo good!!

Some of the young people from Elder Wakefield's church.

Garcias and Wakefields

I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to go to this service. Everyone was touched by God.
The devil would love to steal our young people, and has succeeded with a few of ours in these past few years, but with prayer and the help of God our young people will grow stronger and fulfill the great potential that they all have in themselves to be a blessing in kingdom of God.
Please keep the church and youth of Puebla in your prayers! 
We need your help in this spiritual battle!



Jennifer Connell said...

I absolutely loved this post. Some of my favorite places to have church are in humble little buildings just like that. There is something special about those services! So glad another has received the Holy Ghost! To God be the glory! Praying for Mexico.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, Jen!


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