Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Girls' Night Out - La Estrella de Puebla

During spring break, we decided to have a outing with some of our younger girls.
Here we are packed into the car Mexican style!

First we went to the Estrella de Puebla.
Its a huge enclosed ferris wheel that gives a wonderful view of the city!

Trust me, we had fun and laughed a lot...

When we got off the rueda we walked over to the mall to see the pet store and eat ice cream.
Sara and Jerameel (huddled to the left) are best friends!

They loved the pet store! 
Every new animal or in this case, fish, was an opportunity to squeal with delight.

Bethany made friends with the new addition to the store-- an African Gray parrot!
He was the sweetest thing!
^Bethany's hand-- not mine! My hands break out in an immediate sweat when I even think about touching an unfamiliar bird. LOL^

The escalators were also an adventure. :) 
Some of our girls were not accustomed to these moving stairs!

After the pet store we went for a treat at McDonalds!
Jerameel, Ana Belen, me, Sara, Alhondra, Sis. Elvira, and Beth

I have no pictures of what happened at the end of our night... On the ride home, I ended up comforting one of our young girls in the front seat as she threw up and I tried valiantly not to do the same. It's amazing the affect that smells can have on us. :) 

Even with the not so fun ending, we all had en enjoyable day. 
There's never a dull moment with these girls!


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