Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breakfast for Juarez's Birthday

A couple weeks ago we had a day off from school because of a national holiday - President Benito Juarez's birthday. We don't take advantage of all Mexican holidays because the majority of them have something to do with Catholicism, but when there is a legit Monday off, Nicole and I feel unspeakable joy. It is funny - we can't complain to anyone but ourselves about the days we don't choose to give off. We are the teachers - all power is in our hands (bwahaha). We just don't think about it much (our poor kids!) so we go long stretches without giving a day off. 
All of that to say - "we don't always give days off, but when we DO..."
We try to go out and do something special. 
We aren't very creative because we usually end up doing the same thing. 

Yes, we went downtown for breakfast at Los Angeles. 

It just can't be beat! They serve the most beautiful, ginormous fruit platters - sprinkled in granola and coconut shavings. Drizzled on top with the best honey you'll ever taste. 
And besides that - the view outside while you eat - like I said: unbeatable. 
This isn't the view I am referring to, but it is where we ate breakfast. 

I always get their Horchata. They have the best - no one else's compares. 

The famous, amazing fruit plate!
Nicole and I shared this platter of fruit. The coffee is Nicole's - cafe de olla. She claims it is the best! 

"Taqueria Los Angeles"
We'd ridden into town on a bus because for the most part we enjoy it. On our way home however, we got stuck in the most horrendous bit of traffic. I'm sure we could've gotten home faster by walking. 

Besides the traffic, it was a wonderful day. We look forward to more days off! (If we can remember to schedule them:)



Mary Frances said...

Wow!!! That looks REALLY good!!! Whats the fluffy lump on top?! Butter? Sherbert??? Btw: I LOOOOOOOVE horchata!!! I got introduced to that stuff by another Blond Mexican...CHANTAL!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

It was sherbet! YUM! And horchata is THE BEST!!!!!


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