Monday, April 20, 2015

Visitors from Texas

 Last month during the U.S. spring break, we had some old friends come and visit! Since Nicole and I were not yet on spring break, we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together, but we enjoyed the time we did have. 

We went down town to play tourists one day..
Makayla and Margaret
We stopped at a little flea market where this man was selling things made from rabbit fur. Pretty neat stuff! Purses, keychains, slippers, headbands, was very cool. Except for the fact that beside all his merchandise was a cage of adorable little bunny rabbits. ALIVE AND KICKING. 

It was a really odd experience. I liked his products - people here eat a lot of rabbit and it is nice to know their soft fur isn't going to waste. But...putting them beside a stack of rabbit fur vests - it was like he was taunting the them. Their future was literally before their very eyes.

He pulled out rabbits for us all to hold - I always get re-amazed at how soft they are. 

 This man was making glass figurines. 

My sweet Gramma evangelizing in the Zocalo

 Later on that night we went to La Estrella de Puebla. (This ferris wheel has been making a lot of appearances on this blog lately!) 
My mom surprised us all and booked us for a ride in the VIP car. This is a special one because the floor is transparent glass. Which means when you are up in the look down....and see the little ant-people and the bars of the ferris wheel. You can enjoy imagining what it would be like to fall and hit each bar on your way down. Ouch. 
If there's one thing I'm afraid of, it is of heights. They terrify me. However, I also like the feeling of "venciendo mis temores". Conquering my fears. 
Sweet Makayla, me, and the little stinker - waiting to board the ferris wheel

The upside to being able to see these bars through the transparent floor - think about which bar you'd like to grab onto while falling through the air. 
Looking over Puebla from the top of the wheel

Mom, Margaret, and Austin

My palms were sweating and I rode with my feet in Austin's lap (in case the floor suddenly gave out - ha). And guess what. We made it! I'm alive and well and here to testify of my experience. It was fun! It is a cool thing to do, look at the view and also a fun place to just sit and chat. 



Mary Frances said...

Its a good thing I wasn't riding with you Bethany, I like to make chair rock back and forth just to make it more exciting!!! You shoulda heard my lil brother when I did that to him...BWAHAHAHA!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Marrryyyyy NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm never riding a ferris wheel with you!!


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