Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special Service With Pastor Treviño and Missions Group

Last week, Pastor Treviño and twenty two of his young people from Bell Gardens, CA came and visited us in Puebla! They were passing through, on their way to Toluca, Mexico with Missionary Loa so we invited them to our Friday night service. It's important for you all to know what a treat this was for us. Being in a foreign country where this Apostolic message is new and unheard of in a lot of places, we do not have many churches around us! There are no camps, few conferences, and special speakers are few and far between. Of course, I am comparing life here to life in the US. There are camps and conferences going on all the time in the States, not to mention special speakers that come through and visit in your home church. Here in Mexico, we treasure these special services and men of God that come and minister to our people!

We wanted to fully take advantage of this opportunity so we invited Elder Wakefield's church and Pastor Guerrero's church from Cuatla, Morelos. We rented 150 chairs and packed the place out!
People arriving for service, getting ready for a great move of God! 

Bro. Fontanes, the youth leader in Bell Gardens, testified. 

Eddy and Lily sang - they did a wonderful job! 

Pastor Treviño preached and at altar call, he had everyone line up and tell Pastor what need they had, what miracle they wanted to see happen in their lives. 

The altars filled up with people seeking God and we ended up having an awesome time in the Holy Ghost! 

Some people bawled their eyes out and others screamed and shouted all over the place! I was on the piano so I got to enjoy watching people get the touch they needed. 

Praying for our Princess Elissa 

The girls praying with Alejandra 

Eliu got the Holy Ghost!! 

Caty and Yao took over about halfway through altar call so Nicole and I could go pray in the altars - thank you, girls! Somehow, someone got our camera and got some AWFUL pictures of us doing the "ugly cry"....thankfully we are the ones in charge of what pictures go up on here...haha!  

Admiring Pastor Treviño's snazzy new Bible that he got covered here in Puebla

Nicole and I with the girls from Bell Gardens

Missionary Loa, Pastor Treviño, and El Pastor with the young men from Bell Gardens 

Me, Tere, Caty, and Nicole 

OF COURSE we had to go to Tacos El Puente! Our favorite place for tacos de carne asada! We ordered 3 kilos of meat and chowed down! 

Mary, me, Caty, and Lily

The next morning, we met the group downtown for breakfast. 

Missionary Loa, Dad, and Pastor Treviño

Thank you to Bro. Loa for bringing Pastor Treviño and the young people to Puebla. Thank you to the Bell Gardens group for coming and being such AWESOME altar workers! We appreciate all of you so much and are so grateful you took the time out to come by and visit us! We had a wonderful, wonderful time.


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