Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pacific Coast Camp 2014 Part 2

 Here is the next set of pictures from camp. I am thinking that I will actually be long-winded and make this a 5, 6, 7-parter :) Why cut so many fun moments out? These pictures are from our second day at camp.
Bro. Baglin - the morning speaker

Watching a game of basketball

Headed to choir practice :)

The choir - quite a group! 

Polka-dot night! We lined up to take this picture and I glance down - there was a polka dotted purse under the chair behind me! TOO PERFECT! I do not know who's purse it was, but thank you for making our picture complete! 

Thank you SO MUCH to the Bray family - their trailer became a home away from home. They gave us permission to hang out in there whenever we liked and also gave us permission to raid the fridge - ha! They saved us from a few camp meals - lol! A Pop Tart here and a cheese stick there, here a sandwich, there a banana, a content stomach for all us picky girls- ra, ra, ra! 

My first guitar lesson - hey, hey! Connor is prettyyyyy gooood! 

Tuesday night softball game - lady staff vs. girl campers! 

Cherie, Mary, me, and Erin 


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