Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ice Cream Social (Pacific Coast Camp 2014)

I think a lot of us went into the ice cream social on Thursday night thinking, "Well this is going to be awkward!" Only ages 18 and up were allowed to attend and what else is supposed to happen at a social? You socialize! With boys! WOO HOO!! (Haha...)

Nicole and I had not seen each other all evening, but we both walked into the dorm with the same exact idea: 
Us girls need to advertise ourselves! 
Our head counselor, Sis. Schilling was awesome and rounded up some paper, markers, and duct tape for us. What a FUN night! 

Making our signs
Some of our qualities

Ready to GO! 

Nicole wanted to make sure everyone knew....

Headed over to the cafeteria...laughing hysterically! 

When we walked in, there was a game going full blast! (Designed to help us find the loves of our lives - haha!)

"Will work for wife". (Like do the dishes and housework for her? :)

The fabulous comedian for the night! 
We had a great night and such a fun time! Not to mention some goooooood ice cream from Thrifty's! YUM!



Kendra Thaler said...

LOL I love the signs!!! Hanna and Jen told me how awkward this was lol!!

Meagan Rowell said...

Hahahahaha sounds hilarious! Wish I was there!

Jennifer Connell said...

I think Denae's "Do you believe in women preachers?" sign was one of the best! You guys were hilarious! Glad you got to come this year!

AV said...


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