Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marshall's in Porterville, CA

After Pacific Coast Camp, I went home with the Marchbanks to Porterville, CA. Some might say, "What in the world did you do there?!" Well, let me tell you. We went to Marshall's every day! Each day was a new adventure. Overall, I had a GREAT time! It was nice to relax and slow down after the week of Pacific Coast Camp. 
Stetson giving Stephanie a hug

Relaxing in Granny Joanie's backyard 

Sis. Alissa testifying about camp

Sis. Bethany singing

I french braided Bentley's hair :) 

It was sooo hot in Porterville so us girls went out to Orange Works. It's a cafe famous for it's orange ice cream and milkshakes made from their local oranges. YUMMMM! Very refreshing. 

Glory! In excelsis deo. 

Cherie, me, Steph, and an imaginary Nicole

Stephanie was being a baby in Target and I indulged her

Cherie and I enjoyed a girl's day out...lunch, pedicures, and shopping! (MARSHALLS! HA!) 

Cherie had piano lessons on Tuesday night. When we got to the back room, we realized that someone had forgotten their turn on the church cleaning list. Bro. Marchbanks asked Cherie to vacuum when she finished her piano lesson. When it was over she went and got the vacuum, but found out there were no bag in it. Mr. Justin had the brilliant idea of scotch taping a trash bag inside there instead. 

He started it up and the bag blew up like a balloon as it let out a horrendous screeching noise. It was pretty bad.  

We ended up having to resort to sweeping the carpet, which I am a pro at, since I am Mexican. (Lol - people here sweep their carpet since vacuum cleaners are much more expensive than brooms).
So a word of advice to those on the church cleaning list: If you want to be a servant of God, don't forget your turn on the list!! And to those that have to pick up the're a servant of God, too! 

Jam session.....(me pretending I know how to play the organ)

The day of Cherie's first taste of boba 

Wednesday night, we were running late for church, due to a couple of reasons. We had been running around all day (MARSHALLS! LOL) and got home just in time for dinner. It was then we were informed by Bro. Marchbanks that "tonight we are having a singspiration! Bethany, you're singing twice!"
Oh man.
Cherie and I raced off to run through a few song options, and finally decided on a couple. We rushed and got ready then ran out the door, as Cherie is telling me, "I have to be on the platform in 10 minutes!" 

Cherie had to write my lyrics for me and as I drove and she wrote, we ended up getting super inspired and wrote a bridge for one of my songs...HAHA!
The service ended up being really good and I enjoyed hearing all the talented singers of Life Tabernacle in Porterville! 

As if our day had not been hectic enough......we pile into the car to head home and I start the car up. I go to back out and the brakes and steering wheel lock up. Thankfully, the Alvarados were still in the parking lot so I hopped out and tap, tap, tapped on their window. "I think I broke the car, can you please come check it out?" 

"Please, God! Let it be fixable."

Bro. Alvarado ended up fixing whatever the problem was and drove us home for good measure. Thank God for a good man! 

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Cherie Marchbanks said...

OMW! You are such a blessing! You just made my DAY!
I've never met you, but I know you are just AMAZING! What a blessing you are to Mexico.

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