Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Times in Porterville, CA

After going to church Sunday morning in Madera, we drove over to Porterville to be with the Marchbanks for their evening service.
I got to see these to little ladies...
Hailey and Brookelle

We got to see our wonderful friends, Cherie and Stephanie!! Can't even say how happy I was. :)

I don't have many pictures of our Sunday with them, but we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking and laughing then got up the next morning to go have fun! 
We wet to Dicky's Barbeque for lunch...YUM!

We then went to go see the Sequoias, but the roads were closed because of bad weather!

The little monster, tied up

Instead, we stopped at a little candy/souvenir shop on the way up. They had cute little trinkets and yummy sweets! Sis. Marchbanks bought me some caramel apple salt water taffy candies...they were absolutely delicious. I ate a couple there then put the rest away to eat when I got to Mexico. So glad I did! I ate the last one just a few days ago ;))


Me and my dear friend!!

Making memories in the cooold!

Where's Dad? LOL
 I imagine these guys are going to be friends for life and are going to laugh about the "travesuras" (mischievousness, antics, pranks) they've played on each other. We cringe now, but they will probably STILL think it's funny when they are 50... Haha!
Austin and Justin
 Thank God for good, Godly friends!
Bro. and Sis. Marchbanks
Bro. and Sis. Wakefield
We then went to Panera for some much needed hot soups and salad :)

Every night around 8 o'clock, Nicole would disappear for hours and we all wondered WHERE she was....hahahah! So one night, we mustered our courage up and went to see why she was hiding. Much to our excitement, she was on the phone with her lover boy! We were overjoyed to fulfill our duties of singing "It's yo birfday!! It's yo birfday!" Loudly and obnoxiously, along with other songs and quickly recited/rapped songs.

Monday night I did Miss Stephanie's hair. Her hair is extremely long and thick and beautiful!

The finished product :)
Thank you to the Marchbanks family for being so kind to us and letting us stay with you all. We had a such a wonderful time! We love you all so very much.


 P.S.--Cherie is the one that makes the beautiful, awesome banners for this blog!! She is so creative and I LOVE and appreciate her so much! If you've ever opened this blog up and gotten a thrill of pleasure at the new blog banner (I HAVE-lol!!), then it's all thanks to this gal! She texted me last week asking me if I wanted a new banner for the month of December. I did so she she replied with, "Ok! Get some pictures together!" And that is where the roadblock usually comes in. Haha!

After a few days of me having not sent pictures, I wake up in the morning and there sitting in my inbox are 2 beautiful new Christmasy banners to choose from. What a wonderful Christmas surprise!

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Cherie Marchbanks said...

I thought for sure I had already commented on this.... Oops!!

We are soooo happy you guys got to come!! We enjoyed it so very much. The memories made will be forever dear to our hearts!

I love all the pictures...and thanks for the sweet post :) Love you!

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