Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Week in the US (FOOD)

The first week we were in the US, we met up with Pastor Garza to go sight-seeing in San Francisco! We had such a good time. Food, food, food, and lots to see.

The first place we went was to a Burmese restaurant. It was like Thai food, which is our favorite! We really enjoyed this place. 
Austin got a coconut drink and it came in this real coconut. 

Some kind of delicious soup

Coconut walnut shrimp...delicious!

It's sad...this is the only picture I got of Pastor Garza... :-/ Whoops!
 Coconut  and mango icecream...yummm!

We found a Quickly (boba!) but were soooo stuffed from the Burmese food, we couldn't fit one more thing in our stomachs. 

After this we went walking around. We found some fishies...

We also went to Sausalito to walk around and look at the shops. 
We saw this interesting little bus...

Adorable little puppy!
Mom and Cole
 Of course we saw the Golden Gate Bridge!

The adorable, fat, obese little sea lions

 Dinner - Clam chowder in a bread bowl!! *mouth watering*

 The chocolate factory 

To end the night, we got our picture taken in the elevator :) 

Sunday morning we went to church in Madera at Pastor Garza's church. Afterwards we went out for Thai food. WOAH, was it delicious! We were having a great start to our trip to the US--haha!!! 
The Garzas sure do know where to find good food! 

Some kind of delicious food :P

Pad Thai

While we were in Madera Dad found us our faaavorite treat: caramel apples! 
These ones were absolutely loaded down with caramel. 

(Loaaaded down!!!) 


Jennifer Connell said...

You must have gone to the Burma Star? :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yes, I think that was it! YUMMM!!!


Anali said...

Every time I go to SF I never see the seals! THEY HATE ME!

Hopefully they are visible this time around I should be taking a certain somebody to SF soon Heh heh... ;)

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