Monday, December 16, 2013

First U.S. Post...Get the Ball Rolling!

 I'm just going to start wading through my US pictures from the past couple of months. These are the first few random ones where we were just traveling, headed up to California. That was a LONG drive! I knew this, but didn't exactly know how long it was until I looked at it on a map. In red, I have highlighted our journey (approximately). May I repeat...THAT WAS A LONG DRIVE!!! Hours upon hours of just sitting still....the silver lining to all of this is that once we DID take a break, I felt as if I had been healed of paralysis! Walking was a whole new experience! Felt like running and leaping and praising God!
The Drive

 First American meal....steak, potatoes and corn! So healthy..haha :P

At the Oliver's house in El Paso
Bro. Oliver playing the guitar for us :)

We made a special stop in Los Angeles so the two love birds could see each other

 Our final destination was Sacramento. The purpose of this trip originally was to do some doctor appointments and check-ups for Austin. Of course, we were not all planning on going until we found out about a change in the laws that forced us to leave the country as a family to renew our visas. (That's the mini version--ha!) 
One of the days we were in Sac for some doctors appointments, Nicole and I decided to go strolling around the city. It was a nice little area with shops and restaurants. We got hungry and decided we wanted Thai food. So I pulled out my trusty little iPhone, opened Yelp, and searched for a Thai place! It was perfectly providential, there was a Thai Palace .8 miles away. Woo hoo!! We had our first Thai tea and delicious Thai food...our favorite :)
The whole pulling-out-my-phone-to-search-something might not seem like a big deal to you, but it was to us because I've never got to use the maps app on my phone before! It is useless in Mexico, as is Yelp. So to be able to look for a specific restaurant, see reviews, and then to see on a map the little pulsating dot that shows where you are exactly and perfectly exact directions on how to get to your destination....was just amaaaaazing!! We felt quite proud of ourselves. 

My sweet Grandpa and I
Cool little gas station selling hot chocolate....they also had a can of mini marshmallows for you to put in your hot drink. How perfectly ingenious!!! Coolest idea ever. 

A very cool firetruck we saw in New Mexico

This is barely the beginning of our trip, shall we call it the "fat" that I didn't want to leave out. LOL. Next post, we will be getting into the meat of the word. So bring your pillows and comfy bean bag chairs. We are going to have story time with Beth. (Or Nicole...depending on who gets inspired first!)

Have a great day everybody!! This is our last week of school before Christmas break. Woo hoo!!


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