Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Noah's Ark - A New Version

Every morning we start school off with devotions. We pray, have a small Bible lesson then the boys copy the book of Proverbs for about 20 minutes. After devotions is journal time. Our boys struggle with writing so this gives us a chance to teach writing rules and work on spelling while also seeing what is in these little boys' minds. Sometimes their writing is funny, sometimes it can make us teary-eyed. But sometimes you can tell they are a wee bit confused....

I told the boys that they were to write the story of Noah in their own words. All of the boys did very well, but one little guy who shall remain anonymous, got a little mixed up. (Please excuse the run-on sentences and any other errors you may notice! We are a work in progress :)

"One day God told Noah to build an ark of the covenant and Noah said that he would. Noah all of a sudden got boards to build the ark and so the people saw that God had told Noah to build an ark of the covenant so they said, "What is the ark for?" and Noah answered and said, "For your salvacion". They did not believe and Noah told them, "Repent of your sins and be baptized in the name of God so you can enter into the ark of the covenant of God, he is calling you and everything that is here will also enter into the ark. So the people did not pay attention to him and when he had finished the ark of the covenant, God told Noah that every species of animal like birds, reptiles, mammals, carnivores, wild animals, snakes, and monkeys will enter in. So every species of animal got in the ark and God said, "Bring your family into the ark and they got in and Noah and his family were saved."



Jennifer Connell said...

LOLOL!!! Oh my...way too cute, and quite hilarious!

Dacia Loa said...

Hahaha! That story literally made me laugh out loud!!! Kids are funny about the things they understand! :))

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