Monday, January 6, 2014

Handel's Messiah

During Christmas break, Nicole and I went downtown for a girl's night. There was an orchestra playing Handel's Messiah in the big cathedral - what a perfect way to get the Christmas spirit flowin'! 

We hopped on a bus and headed into the center of town. Vendors get on and off the buses selling anything from ice cream to idols. This particular day, a young man got on selling these Paleta Payasos (chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick, in the face of a clown). He shoved three into each passenger's hand, insisting we were NOT obligated to buy them.....

We had enough to carry so I poked them in the wall separating the driver and us. Handy.

The salesman giving his spiel on "yummy" white chocolate marshmallow clown faces.

Beautiful day!

Everything was decorated so pretty.

The cathedral

When we got in, we realized this was going to be a bit bigger deal than we'd originally thought. There was a television crew filming it all and hordes of people.

Surprisingly, Nicole and I got a seat on the front row of a certain section.... pretty decent seat, right??
It was great, until the place began to overflow and random people would just come up and stand of us. RUDE!!!!!!! When we were in California I bought Nicole a totally awesome, extendable back scratcher. We decided that would have come in very handy this day. Just extend it and give the obnoxious people blocking our view a good "thwop" on their backsides.
We got sooo tired of tapping people and saying (with the facial expression of "I know this is going to sound completely crazy, and I'm really sorry to inconvienience YOUUU, but....), "I can't SEEEEEEEEE...."
 Seriously, people?!
I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it....hahahaa...

This is what our view was supposed to look like during the concert...
This is what it actually looked like....

...and this...

....and this....

....and this. Ugh, where's a fly swatter when you need one...?
Anyways, this went on for a while until Nicole got hungry and *insisted* that we leave. 
Apparently we are not cultured enough (or someone's stomach doesn't have a very long attention span) to sit through an entire concert.... Sigh. 

Since we had what looked like some pretty covetable seats, and people were standing shoulder to shoulder, Nicole and I decided that we were going to gather up our purses and bags, stand up,  stretchhhhhhhh real loooonng...then sit back down. Fake everyone out around us HAHA!! (No, we did not actually do this...but we DID get a GOOD laugh from this, and other ideas we were coming up with. You know how it is when you're supposed to be calm and quiet? Yeah. We cried throughout the whole concert from laughing so hard.)

We found a big bread store with very interesting little breads. I got a slice of corn bread. Not cornbread, but bread of corn...not the same thing lol. It was very yummmm :)
Nicole got flan.

Since we started off with a tasty dessert, it was time for a substantial dinner. We found this lady on the street with a ton of customers around her. Nothing like a long line to let you know the food is good, right?
There's also nothing like a long line to say, "I'm never actually going to get to your order today."
We waited...and waited....but there so many people and only one poor little old lady to make food. So we left, wiping tears from our eyes.

And this was the end of our night. We did eventually find dinner, but that is another post for another time.

Today is our first day back to school. We are very happy to be back to normal life, with things to do! Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year!


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Dacia Loa said...

HAHAHA! I just laughed my head off at the "bread of corn" because I was just wondering what to call it today. Someone gave me a "bread of corn" last night and then today my mom was making cornbread. And I walked into the kitchen and saw it sitting there and was wondering how different they actually taste and what their seperate names could actually be in English!! :D

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