Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Banana Bread

 The Friday before Christmas the girls and I made mini banana bread loaves to gift to all the church families. The girls really enjoyed this Friday's activities... Especially working with the electric mixer :))) They loved flipping the switch to make it spin faster and do all the work! Something so common to me, but so novel for them!
Anahy and Maribel

We had to make loads of batter!

While the banana bread baked in the oven, we drank a seasonal drink named Wassail that Bethany had made earlier.
Eeeeeverything is funny to these girls. Especially when Hna. Nicole starts snapping pictures!

Just in case you're wondering, Wassail is not a Mexican drink. It's a European apple cider-esque drink :)) 
Orange juice, apple juice, cinnamon, clove.... Absolutely wonderful!

Our little clean-up train.
Dish washer, rinser, and dryer!

After what felt like a thousand batches of banana bread were baked, we got to packaging them!
Later on that weekend, Pastor and Sis. Wakefield went around the colonia giving them away to our saints.

After looking at all of these pictures, I can almost smell the banana bread... Makes me want to go make some more right now! Maybe I will....


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