Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday Service--1 Filled with the Holy Ghost!

This past Sunday we heard a wonderful message about how we can never be separated from God's love! The people were moved and came to the altar to pray.

This young guy got the Holy Ghost!

This right here is what you call a miracle! This tall guy's name is David. He is a Jehova's Witness.
 My dad has been giving him Bible studies, and he always has so many questions and doubts. But he's getting his questions answered, and is starting to understand more, and has even asked to be baptized! Seeing him in the altar, praying with his hands lifted up was a first, and so wonderful to see!

 It amazes me to see people live their lives how they please, and come to church every Sunday to be filled once more with the Holy Ghost... God is so good and merciful.


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Joseph Conroy said...

Oh Man! Is That GREAT!!!!! Love all the pictures! So wonderful to see what God is doing in Mexico!

Thank You for such a magnificent UPDATE!!!

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