Monday, October 1, 2012

Belize: Part 3

In Belize, there are a ton of Mennonites. They all ride in buggies, wear dresses or overalls, and don't let you take their picture. We stopped at their little store to do some shopping.

 Technically, no men are allowed behind the counter. But I guess on Fridays it's okay because there they were...

 Friday night was the first service. It felt so weird to be in a different country, surrounded by brown-skinned people, but singing in English. We started out by singing Down From His Glory, and it just felt funny. 
The Holy Ghost began to move, however, and all thoughts of languages and foreign countries left my mind as we entered into the presence of the Lord.

 Where would I be? You only know. 
I'm glad you see through eyes of love...
The youth choir brought down the anointing!

 Bro. Ben Weeks sang and preached the first night.

After the service had ended, Bro. Joiner got up to do a few announcments. He had two translaters--one speaking Kekchi and the other Spanish.

 After church, we all headed over to the fellowship hall for dinner.

A banner the Joiners had done in honor of Jesus Falcon and Bro. Cardwell

Bro. Jose and Sis. Haley

 "The Americans"

Little Josey and her friend, Janson

What a cutie! 

Major animal lover!

Nicole buying us some popsicles (basically what we survived off the whole weekend!)

It was hot, hot, HOT in Belize! But thank God for popsicles and coooooooold showers!


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