Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bethany's 22nd! A.K.A The Longest Birthday Post Ever :)

Yesterday we celebrated Bethany's 22nd birthday!
First, we all met up at Italiannis for a delicious dinner and had a fun time talking and visiting.
Austin and the birthday girl
Grampa and I
Me and Beth :)
My sweet grandparents
After eating, we wandered around in the mall for a while, and of course we stopped at the pet store to see the macaws! This bird was being so funny with my gramma. He would slide down the bar towards her and then cock his to the side a stare at her...
 I think he really liked her... She was under the impression that because of the print of her shirt, that maybe he thought that she was another bird! I'm sure it was just her sweet personality :)) Our pets always love her the most!
Then we headed back to the house and met up with the Garcias to have cake and open presents!
We sat around just hanging out for a while, waiting for the other partiers to show up...
Tia Hayde helped Grampa with his cellphone...
^^A lot of laughter was involved^^
Tio Mario and Beth got to translating a song into Spanish...
One person that we were waiting for finally arrived!
He had been in Mexico City for a week and had arrived in Puebla just in time for the party. When he walked in the door he saw his Mom and ran over to her and picked her up in the biggest hug ever! It was so cute, and had us all cracking up.
Next hug was for his dad!
They acted like it had been months since they had seen each other when really it had only been a week! :)))
^This hug actually turned into a wrestling match LOL^
Grampa with his Beth's cake!
Bethany making her wish ;P
And..... She goes to blow out her candles.... And they just sparked right back up!
I hear Sis. Gramma say "Oh no! I didn't mean to get those!" Hahaha.
But, with a little bit of help from the Grampa, the candles were extinguished.
What comes next after you blow out your candles?
Beth absolutely refused to do the mordida with me by her side!! I don't know why!!! :)))
She's so suspicious....
Abner tried to slyly sneak his way around the table to give Beth a memorable mordida, but she caught him! The little cheater hurried and did a cowardly mordida....
She picked the whole cake up and took a bite out of it before anyone could do anything about it!
Here's Tio Mario trying to explain to her that picking up the cake to bite it is against the rules!
All I know is, I wouldn't be arguing with Beth if she had a long knife in her hand like she did then...
Tio y sobrina :)
The resemblance is uncanny! Haha!
Cutting the cake...
Present time!
The beautiful birthday girl!
We all got a good laugh when she kept pulling scarfs out of the gift bags... :))
All Bethany could say while opening my present was to say "I'm so scared, I'm so scared!!!"
Now what in the world did I do to deserve such fear and suspicion....?
Oh yeah... Last year we got her a pig head...
Yeah, that's why she was scared to stick her hand in the bag! Hahahaha!
The night's entertainment was provided by none other than Abner Garcia!
He had us rolling with laughter!
We haven't laughed like this in a long time... Actually, come to think of it, the last time I laughed like this was the last time that we got together with all the family! I love family time :)
His specialty is imitations... and teasing his mom... :))
Tio Mario got in on the teasing and joking too...
He even had the brunt of his jokes laughing! Now that's talent ;P
Whew! We then gathered in the living room to continue the hilarity in a more comfortable place :)
Bethany, Sis. Mom, and me
Telling stories...
Playing our old fall back "rhythm" game. Super funny game...
Tio Mario, Tia Hayde, Bethany, and Abner
The Mexican side of our family ;)
So after lots of food, presents, and laughing until our stomachs hurt, we said goodbye and headed off in seperate directions!
Family time is the best time. <3 p="p">
And, a final happy birthday to the lovely Bethany!
I love you!!



Dallas and Dakota's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Anali said...

Happy LATE birthday! :D

Ash said...

Happy Birthday Bethy!! Love you lots!

Cherie said...

Awww Happy Birthday, Bethany :) I'm a day late on commenting, but I did get ahold of you on the real day at lesst haha! I love you SOOO much and wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, everyone!! I love you all! <3


Renae Neumann said...

Happy later birthday Beth! Love and you miss you!

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