Thursday, October 18, 2012


This past Sunday, we had a bit of an interesting service. In the middle of the worship service, a drunk man came in. I was on the piano and Nicole was singing so of course we get to see most everything that goes on in the congregation. This man came in and stood undecided in the middle aisle. After a few moments, he chose a seat in the back row. 
We get drunks in church pretty often so that was not a big deal. However, this guy was quite unique, in that he was holding a snake!! Nicole and I both tried to "keep calm and carry on" -- it was hard to keep singing with a straight face. 
The people sitting on the back rows started chair-hopping when they saw the snake. El Pastor soon saw the commotion and went back there. He told the man to either put the snake away or leave. Apparently for this guy, that meant slinging the snake around his neck, nice and secure. We continued on with the church service and forgot about our snake handler. 
When it was time for the preaching, El Pastor read his text then we all sat down. That's when I remembered our special visitor. I looked back and saw this:

Zonked out!
Nicole and I both tried to keep our feet up off the ground during the preaching. We could just imagine that snake slithering off the guy's neck and right down the aisle!! Eeeeek! 
He slept right up until the last few minutes of altar call. (I thought for sure we'd get to see a snake-handling demonstration!)
After church, he went outside and stood in the street, obviously waiting for El Pastor. 
This is how their conversation went:
Snake Man: I want to get closer to God. 
El Pastor: Well, come back to church sober and without the snake. 
Snake Man: Can I tomorrow?
El Pastor: Can you what tomorrow?
Snake Man: Get closer. 

I don't think he understood. :D



Anonymous said...

Sólo en su iglesia pasan esas cosas!!!! jajajaja.

Michael, April and Ryan Cooke said...

oh my goodness gracious!!!!! Aaaaackk!!

Michael, April and Ryan Cooke said...

oh my goodness gracious!! AAAACKKK!

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