Friday, October 5, 2012

Belize: Part 4

Saturday we had two services. We sang, danced, and shouted until we demonstrated an extreme form of "glowing". It was so. unbearably. humid. 
But the services were wonderful, so who cares! (Right?!)

This young man received the gift of the Holy Ghost, along with many others!

In Belize, the women use coconut shavings and juice in the rice. It is so very tasty!

Choir practice

Macy and I having a serious talk

Miss Chubbers

Church Saturday night....more sweating, shouting, having church!

Beloved industrial-sized fan

You're gonna pray through whether you want to or NOT!

The dinner line

Saturday night there was a talent show. There were lots of skits and special songs. We had a good time cheering and laughing, but the Lord also met us there!

A hilarious skit Bro. Mark put on

Another skit...

They did an awesome job!

Nicole and Jansen

Cheese bread from the Mennonites

The final service on Sunday morning.


Rain, wonderful rain!

I did Sis. Haley's hair one afternoon and Josey saw. After church on Sunday she came bee-boppin' her way into our room and told me, "Do my hair!"
Alright then! She sat there like a good little girl, handing me bobby pins like a pro.

We then gave her a handful of Fruity Pebbles which she ate as she fell asleep.
A few times during her nap, she woke up, stuffed a handful of cereal into her mouth, and went back to snoozing. She had us rolling laughing!

Trespassers will be persecuted!
Beautiful Belize sunrise

Monday morning we woke up bright and early and flew home!

Leaving Belize...

...coming into Mexico City. See the difference? One is green and beautiful..the other is smoggy and polluted.

And this my dear friends, was our trip to Belize!

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