Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Mystery Box....

WARNING: Do NOT read this post if you are eating. Or if you have a weak stomach. 
Just sayin'. 

Alrighty. So here is the mystery box............

I picked up the was very heavy!! I had noooo clue what was in it. I tore the wrapping paper off, then pried the corners of the box up. There was newspaper on top and I picked up the first layer. "It cake??" I was soooo confused. We had already decided to have Krispy Kreme instead of cake. And why was everyone looking at me, so anxious to see my reaction??? 
I picked up the next layer of newspaper and got a glimpe of..........."What is this??" I felt a really weird sense of panic for a split second. I backed away, completely confused and scaaaaaared!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "It looks like a head cut in half with its brains falling out!!" 
Everyone was laughing, but only Nicole and my mom knew what the box contained. 
I thought it was something having to do with Mexico's Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). 
I refused to take off the final layer of newspaper so Nicole came over and helped me out. "Open it!"
"What is it?! I'm NOT touching it!!" 
Finally, Nicole flung off the last layer of newspaper and I saw this.......................................
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!!!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!!!!!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!!!!!!!!!
Don't scroll if you have a weak stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't scroll if you are a ninny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hahahaa just kidding :P)

Now.......I have said HERE and HERE that I wanted one of these, but my mom would never agree!!
Well honey child, she sho did agree yesterday. And FREAKED me out in the process!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Now it is downstairs in the church freezer.......On Monday I'm going learn how to cook a pig head :P
(Notice I didn't say I'd EAT it.....I tasted pig brains one time on ACCIDENT and it was so gross.)

I still am a little scared of Lolita has no problem messing with it. 


The cat was verrrrrry curious...

Bath time :P

Hhahaha...Nicole looking into the back of it's head....

I do believe I deserve a Mexican citizenship now. I feel quite a part of the culture!


Kathy McElhaney said...


Thank you SO much for the warning!! This post is hilarious and disgusting at the same time! I really did LOL when I read this. You are too much! Glad you got your heart's desire for your 21st bday.

Anonymous said...

Hayde :o

Anonymous said...


That is so disgusting!! lol But whatever your heart glad you got the best birthday gift ever! ;)
Love you

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