Thursday, October 27, 2011


This past weekend, Nicole and I went to stay the weekend at our grandparent's house.
As usual, we had a good time! I always sleep sooo well when I'm there, it's like magic!
Of course we ate the most delicious food while we were there because Sis. Wakefield is the best chef and always makes American food!

One of the nights we were there, we went up on the roof to have a little fun...

We planked off the second story roof ledge.

We did it again the next day for a better picture.

Friday night was Ladies' Service

Bro. Mario preached

Saturday morning we went out to a little town here called Atlixco.
They have huge gardens there and sell all kinds of plants.
On our way there we saw a bird "stand".

Here are the gardens!

Nicole pulling our little plant cart


On our way back, we stopped again at the bird stand and I bought a cockatiel!

Here she is!

She is pretty much a little brat and hisses and bites if you even look at her, but soon she will be a cuddly lil thing. (I hope :)

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Mary Frances said...

I like shirt with the black bow...thats really CUTE!!! :)

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